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Herb of Life – Chapter 2

Herb of Life Map Cut

By Owen Smith

Based in a mythical pre-historic Costa Rica, two young men discover the miraculous healing properties of a special herb and begin a quest to bring it’s material and health benefits to the people of their kingdom. Loosely based on the constitutional challenge to legalize extracts for medical patients in Canada, Owen has written his experience into an action packed fantasy adventure. Not satisfied with making history by bringing the first ever medical cannabis case to the Supreme Court of Canada, Owen seeks to make a mythology where cannabis is re-instated as an ally to humanity.

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Chapter 2

As the two grew they learned this plant was illegal
by royal decree, it was kept from the people
and though most folk thought naught from earth could be evil
and were sure that the work of the priests was the real
cause of these laws, soon most forgot,
as age filled the graves and babes filled the cots,
that a plant which the people had taken for granted
was banned from their lands and had now been enchanted,
for if anyone planted or dared to avail
of its ten thousands uses, they would end up in jail.

The elder brother cried,
“Arrest the Hillside!”

then his brother said,
“The River does aid and abet!
Better detain the Sun!”

and then the elder one said,
“jail the Wind for trafficking! put a bounty on its head!”

image by Sean Newton

the two sons cried in righteous disbelief
but as great was their pride, sooner greater was their grief,
as their Grandma was old and soon lay dying,
but smiling, she told them of the Hill Giants,
and a prophecy that was to be fulfilled
by the King’s seventh son, as the Gods willed
But the priestly guild were sure to defend
what they’d built until the bitter end

And so she said, “if you remember just one thing”
it’s that, “the Giants are not close friends of the King
as they too loved this herb that now is illegal
and used to make their living growing it for the people”

After she passed, the young men made an oath
to maintain her craft, ensuring the growth

of the plants and although they would remain a secret,
for a promise was made and they intended to keep it,
they wanted to teach and to share their seeds
and help people grow to fulfill their own needs.

but it’d been so long since this plant was outlawed
that neighbors now turned each other in for a reward,
and to avoid being punished there was fear and isolation
and disease spread throughout the nation.

So they agreed that this law needed to fall,
for the seeds and the leaves were for the healing of all
and they thought up a plan to rise in defiance,
by searching the Hillsides, and finding the Giants.


The complete book is scheduled for release in 2015

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Owen Smith
Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. Owen’s articles are closely related to his constitutional challenge to legalized cannabis edibles extracts and oils. He is the founder of Ethical Growth Consulting

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