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Advertising Marijuana Part I:  Medicine Heals The Ailing Press 

  Wherever medical marijuana has taken root, officially speaking, ads for the plant have been bringing new life to newspapers.1 The Colorado Springs Independent (CSI) has recently put out a 48-page medical marijuana ad supplement, featuring retailers like  “Mile High Mikes,” “Happy Buddha,” and “Healthy Connections.” Village Voice Media now issues two advertising supplements: the “Chronic-le” in Denver, and “The Rolling Paper” in San Francisco and Orange County.  The Denver […]


No Hemp Yet?

DEA still fighting hemp production By Diane Walsh The US Drug Enforcement Agency’s ability to rely on the Controlled Substance Act, (defining marijuana as a Schedule 1 heroin-level category drug, and for which no clear distinction between hemp and marijuana exits) is what allows the DEA to obstruct the proliferation of hemp farming across the […]


Issue 31 – Winter 2012

CONTENTS Bill C-10 is on Its Way Into Law Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Editorials DEA Crackdown in U.S Phytocannabinoid Therapeutics CBCofC Bakery Trial to Begin Rev: Cannabis and the Soma Solution Hemp Food Versatility East Coast Activism Alison Myrden Cannabis Conventions 2012 All about Pardons Wordsearch / Comics CREDITS Publisher Ted Smith <> Editor-in-Chief Andrew Brown […]