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  • Celebrations Of Life For Gayle Quin November 5 and 6

    Friends and family of Gayle Quin will be gathering in Victoria the weekend of November 5 and 6 to celebrate her life.   She peacefully passed away in her home on Thurs Sept 22 after a long fight with cancer.  Several events are being planned, giving everyone a proper chance to say goodbye and meet some […]

  • Gayle Quin: The Legend Lives On

    Ted Smith One year ago this month it seemed cancer was taking the life away from one of the country’s most dedicated activists, my love Gayle Quin.  While she has not recovered to her former self, there is still a faint hope that between cannabis and other medicines we can bring her back to the […]

  • Gayle Quin: Cannabis Medicine Woman

    (Gayle in her backyard overlooking her pond) I owe my introduction to preparing cannabis medicines to one woman, Gayle Quin.  Years before I began my work as a cannabis baker at the local dispensary, I met Gayle at a series of Hempology101 student club meetings at my college. Gayle is the life partner of Ted […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #42

    By Gayle Quin High there folks.  I hope you have had a great summer.  It has been a blur for me.  Can you believe it?  We are at issue #42!  Bigger and better than ever.  So my sincere thanks to everyone who has written, advertised, drawn and helped distribute our little paper.  But the biggest […]

  • Georgia Toons – Halloweed Cover Issue 42

    It’s that time of the year! I get to draw the Cannabis Digest Halloween cover! Fun!? For me YOU BET! Halloween for many years is our favourite holiday for fun. Time to bring out the imagination in full force! This years cover also has special meaning. It is my way of thanking Ted & Gail […]

  • Jammin’ in Jamaica

    Skunk Magazine Helps Bring Canadian Activists to Negril  By Ted Smith Jamaica has a natural romanticism that is undeniable. Long before the songs of Bob Marley drifted through the countryside and around the world, the beauty of this paradise attracted others to its shores. Unfortunately, politics and greed have crippled what should be a vibrant […]

  • Gayle Quin Medicine Woman

    You can’t spend much time down at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club before a wonderful sound catches your ear—the sound of Gayle Quin laughing. It runs through everything, charging it with spirit—another kind of medicine. This is to say that Gayle rarely takes a breath without letting it laugh on the way out, and that […]