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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #42

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By Gayle Quin

High there folks.  I hope you have had a great summer.  It has been a blur for me.  Can you believe it?  We are at issue #42!  Bigger and better than ever.  So my sincere thanks to everyone who has written, advertised, drawn and helped distribute our little paper.  But the biggest thanks go to all of you devoted readers who keep us going.  I hope you have been enjoying the Cannabis Digest Blogs online, too, and thanks to those who have helped share those.

More thanks are necessary to the Hempology 101 gang for keeping the Reach For The Pot going this summer.  They found it very challenging but everyone had a lot of fun.  It felt very weird not being able to attend the meetings. Hempology 101 held its 19th Annual Anniversary March in early September.  It was very well attended and the Legislature security guards seemed to be well entertained by us.

Talk of security guards brings me to the subject of the UVic Hempology 101 club.  The club signed up almost 200 students on the first day!  A new security guard showed up at 420 and reminded Ted that what they were doing was illegal, and that students could get into a lot of trouble.  Ted said they knew it was illegal.  He explained that this is why they were protesting, and told the security guard he would need a better plan if he wanted to stop them.  Since then they have been left alone.


The UBC Hempology 101 club held its first annual ‘bongfire’, which was well attended.  Corbin has done an amazing job keeping the club going and active.  I am hoping to go to the meet and greet in October. The Mount Allison University Hempology 101 club and Medicine Hat College Hempology 101 clubs are still going fine.  Thanks to everyone who has helped to educate people about cannabis in these smaller cities.

Happy ‘daze’ are here again.  We are on the road to Ottawa one more time.  This time we are going to the Supreme Court of Canada.  Has a nice ring to it, eh?  Over the past 5 years the Victoria Cannabis Buyer’s Club has been going through a court challenge to make cannabis extracts legal.  It is a slow process but we are ready to supremely kick some more government butt.  The downside is travel and court expenses.  So please keep a look out in Cannabis Digest Online for upcoming fundraisers.  We are planning several kinds of parties and hope to have lots of fun as we get ready to finish this off.  If you have a good idea please email it to us.  For a complete picture of the trial check out our Cannabis Digest Forums online, in the Court Decisions and Appeals section.

Speaking of the V-CBC, it will be holding its 2nd Annual General Meeting in November.  Watch for news of time and place online and on the whiteboard at the club.  If you are a member, then this is your chance to get involved and learn more about how the group now works.  It is your club, get involved and keep it rocking!

Hempology 101 will also be holding its AGM, but this event is happening as we go to print, so you will have to look for results online or wait until the next issue.  At any rate, we hold our monthly meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the VCBC.  It is open to all who have an interest in helping the humble hemp plant regain its former glory.  We are well on the way to winning, but we do not have a hemp paper mill or hemp textile mill in Canada yet.  What a shame.

Oh boy, oh boy, it is nearly October.  You know what that means, HALLOWEED!!!


Get your hot glue guns and darning needles out.  It is time to transform yourselves into stunning visions of creativity.  My favourite time of year for sure.  Boy am I ever going to work hard to be healthy enough to get to the courthouse this year.  If you want to win a beautiful bong; all you need to do is join the costume contest.

Continuing on the good news, Marc Emery is free and home at last.  Jodie is looking better than ever and I am proud of her being named our Queen of Cannabis.  Just before they left for Europe we had the great pleasure of having Marc and Jodie come to spend the night with us.  We had a wonderful visit, full of stories and catching up, with much plotting for the future.  Look out world!  He is back, rested and ready for anything.  Although he really just wants to help Jodie so she can rest and gather strength to kick Harper’s butt the heck out of office.  Go Jodie, go!!!  They are a team to be reckoned with.

I surely hope the winter holidaze are warm and fuzzy for you all.  It is the time of year when I wish I could clone myself, there are so many folks who need an extra sweater, or a hug, or a joint, or just a smile.  Be sure to bring extras you can pass along to those in need as the weather gets nasty.  Remember, if you like carolling as much as I do, we have Cannabis Carol booklets for sale at the VCBC for just $2, or you can buy them online.  They are packed full of fun songs and they are easy to color, too!  We used to carol around town and hot-box City Hall and the Law Courts over the holidays, but those traditions have faded away.  Now we just carol at home with our friends.

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On a personal note, my health has not been great.  My tumour markers are slowly rising, so my naturopath, Dr. Neil McKinney, has changed my medicine regime and we will be adding more treatments, too.  On a positive side, though, I have been feeling a lot better.  I am able to eat properly finally, and if it were not for continued muscle spasms, I would be able to say I felt great.  This is mainly because of the all of the love and support I receive every day.  I am totally awestruck and so grateful to everyone who has donated money, medicine, food, and their precious time for visits to prayers and well wishes.  Everything is gratefully appreciated.  You all keep me going in more ways than you can imagine.

Love you all.

Thanks for reading.


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