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Georgia Toons – Halloweed Cover Issue 42


It’s that time of the year! I get to draw the Cannabis Digest Halloween cover!
Fun!? For me YOU BET!

Halloween for many years is our favourite holiday for fun. Time to bring out the imagination in full force!

This years cover also has special meaning. It is my way of thanking Ted & Gail and the Cannabis Digest team for all that they do to educating the masses.

My cartoons have been featured in CD for a few years now, and I grateful for it!

I was even working on a regular blog but with health issues what they are, I am eliminating all stress, including deadlines. LOL. So far so good. Ted was very understanding.

I put extra TLC into this cartoon as I thought of Ted and Gayle. I have only had the pleasure once, of meeting them in person – at a treating Yourself EXPO and that was fleeting.  Ted was enthusiastic as I thought he’d be and Gayle was just sweet. Down to earth. The both of them. They have educated us with Cannabis Digest, at the same time the stories hey have shared make me feel closer and empowered – strength in numbers.

It is clear to see that Ted & Gayle – (if you check them out on Facebook) also have a wonderful loving relationship. You see it in all they do! From the newspaper to their Tipi to the tiles behind the fireplace in the place they call ‘home sweet home’. You always see people over, hanging out.  I am under the impression that Ted and Gayle welcome all.

Gayle is not well, she has been battling cancer for a bit now and still I see photos of her laughing, surrounded by friends and family. I drew Gayle laughing! Her and Ted together stirring the POT! In more ways than one!  Ted has a smile in my opinion that goes from ear to ear & has a hint of CHEEKY & FUN.  I hoped to catch it in the drawing- with a touch of madness for Halloween of course!

We all need a touch of madness – Halloween or not!

Colouring Contest

I put much TLC into the drawing, as my way of saying thank you to Ted and Gail and the team (new and old) @ Cannabis Digest for all they continue to do in helping educate and end the insanity. It was fun! The time flew and I can’t wait to see it in print!  I also enjoy the fact that others will have fun coloring!
As you read the current copy of Cannabis Digest Please take one moment to thank them for all the hard work they do. It is all many need to simply keep doing that they are meant to do.

I wish them continued Love and success at all they do, as long as they do it… and hopefully together for a long time to come!  Clearly,  two heads & hearts made stronger in love and more.

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