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  • Cannabis and the Foundation of Civilization

    (image: Cannabis Digest) By Ted Smith As early hunter-gatherers began to unlock the secrets of civilization, they also began forming symbiotic relationships with the plants that provided the fundamental resources necessary for survival. Primary among these symbiotic plants is Cannabis Sativa, whose relationship with humankind is hundreds of thousands of years old. The seeds of […]

  • Fibre Wars of the 1800’s

    By Ted Smith By the end of the 1800s, hemp had fallen from the top of the fibre world.  Cotton, flax, jute and other crops had chipped away at the dominant position hemp held in agricultural world trade.  Ironically, the strong fibers in the hemp plant made it difficult to harvest and process, something economically […]

  • Hemp Rooting into American Industry Once Again

    (image: credit) By Diane Walsh Solid political support behind optimistic Congressional bills in the U.S. House and Senate and the “Farm Bill,” along the successful initiatives in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC legalizing marijuana, spells game change. California has taken the lead in looking to register industrial hemp farmers. Kentucky is not far […]

  • Alison Myrden Cannabis Crusader

    (image: AlisonMyrden.com)   by Al Graham It was 2003 when I first heard of Alison Myrden. I know the year because it was just shortly after my first ever Crohn’s flare up, and the year I became involved in the cannabis community. As time went on, I wanted to get better educated about cannabis so […]

  • Hemp in the United States

    In the 1800s, hemp was a vital part of everyday life in America.  Indeed, one could speculate that settling North America would have been much more difficult if it were not for the high quality rope, paper and canvas that was made from hemp. From the sailboats that brought Europeans across the ocean, to the […]

  • Review: Cannabis and the Soma Solution

    By Ted Smith For anyone who believes pot smoking started in the 1960s, I have the book for you. Unraveling the secrets of cannabis that time has hidden, Chris Bennett, in his new book Cannabis and the Soma Solution, has established that the herb was the primary plant medicine used for spiritual purposes in ancient […]

  • Hemp and the Founding of America

    Hemp was very important financially and physically to the settlers of America.  The fibre was used for rope, canvas and paper, making it highly sought after by old European countries seeking global domination by sea and those on the new frontier.  While cotton is often thought to be responsible for the rich fortunes of early […]

  • Marijuana and Lunacy:  The Magnificent Failure of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission

      On July 16, 1891, British MP and temperance enthusiast, Mark Stewart, rose in the House of Commons to talk about cannabis.  Addressing the Under-Secretary of the State of India he asked: was the MP aware that according to recent medical journals, the lunatic asylums of India were filled with ganja smokers?  Given these facts, […]

  • Hemp in the Early United States

    By Ted Smith There is little doubt the most important crop in the founding of America was hemp.  Used for canvas and rope on the British sailing ships, importing hemp fibre was critical to the ambitious monarchs of the UK.  Growing hemp to support the British navy was so valuable that from 1631 to the […]

  • A Pound of Jamaican Freedom

    The GFGPA’s Recent Call For A One Pound Amnesty The Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association (GFGPA) are increasing their social justice activism towards Ganja reform in Jamaica with an immediate call to the Government for a One Pound Amnesty.  The idea of a One Pound Amnesty was recently introduced to the GFGPA by its […]