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  • Ancient History: Old Edition of Hempology 101 Textbook On-line

    Though the 4th edition of the Hempology 101 textbook has not yet been made available on-line, the 3rd edition has been on-line for years. It is out-dated, as it was written at the turn of the century, but for the most part it is still worth the read. However, when writing the last chapter on […]

  • the Ancient Holy Anointing Oil: Hempology 101 Texbook Video

    Here is another video in our series describing information contained in HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA, a little book I wrote. The most obvious reference to cannabis in the Old Testament appears in the Book of Exodus when God instructs Moses to make an anointing oil using kaneh bosom.  Given all […]

  • Cannabis and The Tree of Life – Hempology 101 Textbook video

    By Ted Smith In this short video I describe why i believe cannabis is the Tree of Life as referred to in the Bible.  If you would like to buy my book, HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA please go to this link.  We are slowly creating videos to compliment the entire […]

  • Bennett Is The New Darwin

    Chris Bennett an even bigger threat to Judeo-Christian doctrine than Charles Darwin ever was. By proving cannabis is the Tree of Life, showing how Moses talked to God in a cloud of cannabis smoke and confirming that Jesus healed using a cannabis anointing oil, Bennett is helping Judeo-Christians understand their own history by unraveling some […]

  • Compassion in my life

    I first found the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club when I was homeless and off my provincial disability.  Being homeless in Victoria at the age of 45 was overwhelming at times to say the least.  I first heard of the club when I was still living on Saltspring Island.  I read a newspaper about the VCBC […]

  • The Early Exportation of Medical Ganja in Jamaica

    The Historical Rastafari Settlement at Pinnacle This year commemorates the 60thanniversary of the strategic destruction of the historical Rastafari settlement at Pinnacle by the colonial state of Jamaica. In legal possession of nearly 500 acres of land accredited to him in 1939, the Honorable Leonard Percival Howell, the most influential leader of the early Rastafari […]