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the Ancient Holy Anointing Oil: Hempology 101 Texbook Video

holy anointing oil

Here is another video in our series describing information contained in HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA, a little book I wrote.

The most obvious reference to cannabis in the Old Testament appears in the Book of Exodus when God instructs Moses to make an anointing oil using kaneh bosom.  Given all of the recently ‘discovered’ medical benefits of topical applications of cannabis, there is little doubt that Jesus was using an oil soaked in cannabis, healing skin infections, subduing diseases and relieving inflammation and pain.  Any obvious biblical references to cannabis have removed or altered, though, as the Judeo/Christian regime has sought to remove any direct references to medicinal plants and has periodically sought out to persecute those who use herbs to heal instead of simply praying to God.

Many ancient cultures used anointing oils as part of their traditions, almost as much as incense.  The Hebrew word Messiah is often translated as The Anointed One.  In the Book of Exodus, Moses is instructed by God to cover virtually everything in the temple with the oil and told that anything that even touches the oil is holy and sacred.

Polish professor Sula Benet uncovered this cannabis connection while doing etymological research on the anointing oil.  No plant in the area could be found to match kanem bosom, or q’aneh bosm, other than cannabis.  In the 1980s etymologists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem conceded that Kineboisin, or Kannabosm, is mistranslated in the King James version as sweet calamus.

Without authors Jack Herer and Chris Bennett this information would not be very well known.  Bennett has written 3 books on the ancient history of cannabis, extensively detailing how cannabis was an integral part of early Christian worship.  In his second book, SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE AND THE BIBLE, he provides conclusive evidence that cannabis must have been the magical ingredient in the anointing oil, giving it both healing properties and the ability to induce a warm feeling of well-being and peace. If you want to learn more about this amazing plant you can purchase my book at: Read more from Ted Smith on the Cannabis Digest Blogs

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