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Trudeau on the International Stage: Implications for Cannabis Activists

This past weekend, Victoria BC played host to a matched set of visitors: British Royals, Prince William and his partner, Kate Middleton; and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accompanied by partner, Sophie Gregoire. The intense ceremony that surrounded this event reminds us that, for citizens of a classless society, at least in principle, we Canadians […]

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So This Is Transparency: A Timeline on Deciphering Trudeau

Judith Stamps July 2013: At a political rally in Kelowna BC Justin Trudeau announces that he is in favour of legalizing and regulating the sale of Cannabis in Canada; cheers all ‘round. October 19, 2015: Trudeau wins a comfortable majority. His platform includes legalizing and regulating cannabis. Activists are cautiously optimistic. Trudeau strives for gender […]

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Hysteria Over Marijuana and the Teenage Brain: A Mild Rant

In 2015, Canadians will be heading into a federal election.  A key issue will be legalizing marijuana.  The contending Liberal Party of Canada led by Justin Trudeau, supports the idea.  The ruling Conservatives led by Stephen Harper oppose it.  But while the Liberals have taken the lead by proposing this legislation, it is their opponents who have […]