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  • Tousaw’s Thoughts on Health Canada’s Response To Allard on Aug 24

    Ted Smith Later this month the federal government must enact laws allowing patients to grow their own supply of cannabis, as per the Federal Court of Canada decision handed down in the Allard injunction on Feb 24.  Many patients have been left without the ability to grow their own medicine for years waiting for the […]

  • Ted Smith Interviews Owen Smith and Kirk Tousaw

    Owen Smith Ted Smith and I are known largely for our work in British Columbia’s capital, Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.  However we both now live north of Victoria, amongst the temperate rainforest near unassuming Duncan. This is also the home of our constitutional lawyer and Supreme Court champion Kirk Tousaw. This […]

  • Extract Trial: BC Court of Appeal

    (image CKNW) Many of the arguments presented to the BC Court of Appeal were recently repeated in Ottawa before the Supreme Court of Canada. You can watch the footage of the SCC hearing online HERE. The Court shortly after ruled in our favor in a Unanimous 7-0 Decision, read about it HERE By Owen Smith After the morning session […]

  • Living the Supreme Dream

    By Ted Smith Last Friday March 20 was a dream come true for myself and many other cannabis activists. Normally I would say you had to be there, but in this case there is actually a recording that will forever show the government dismally fail in its defense of the medical cannabis regulations.  Over the […]

  • RvSmith Supreme Court of Canada Coverage

    I recently travelled to Ottawa with Ted Smith and Dieter Macpherson and my partner Coco (see photo above) to attend the March 20th hearing in Supreme Court of Canada. This would be the climax of our 5 and a half year quest to declare the Canadian medical cannabis regulations unconstitutional. We were hosted by Kelly […]

  • Dine and Discuss ‘the Extract Trial’ with Kirk Tousaw and Owen Smith

    Join Kirk Tousaw and Owen Smith on February the 18th 2015 from 6pm until 10 for an evening of dining and discussion at Victoria’s Cabin 12. Tickets are available at 826 Johnson Street for $50. Proceeds from this event will help take the case for medicinal extracts to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa […]

  • Mandatory Sentencing; Hemp Oil and A Note of Caution – Cannabis Video Digest (EP 008)

    Mandatory Minimum Sentences; Hemp Oil; A Note of Caution and more from the Cannabis Digest this week November 1st – 7th, 2014 with Owen Smith Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!   Nov 1st by Admin You can now read the entire Issue 42 of the Cannabis Digest Online for Free . http://cannabisdigest.ca/cdfall2014full/ Cannabis Digest Fall […]

  • Marijuana in a Post Prohibition World:  Reflections On Mark Haden’s views

    The recently held First Annual Conference of Sensible BC featured a great menu of panel discussions and small study sessions.  One of the truly enjoyable subjects on the menu was how best to imagine life in post prohibition Canada.   In this context, Marc Emery reiterated his view that we should legalize the plant and impose […]

  • Kirk Tousaw on the Smith decision

    Intro By Ted Smith On Thurs Aug 14, 2014 the BC Court of Appeal, in a split decision, ruled that the regulations limiting patients to dried marijuana were unconstitutional.  This decision stems from a raid on the bakery of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club in Dec 2009 after which Owen Smith faced charges of possession […]

  • Harsh Laws

    A lawyer’s view on new mandatory minimum sentences By Kirk Tousaw In Nov. 2012, the Harper Conservative government ushered in new mandatory sentencing legislation for certain Controlled Drugs and Substances Act offences. Despite criticism from outside and inside government, and clear evidence that such sentences are harmful to the criminal justice system and society, the […]