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  • Police Raid Plans: Are You Prepared?

    Ted Smith Anyone working in the illegal cannabis industry needs to be prepared to get arrested at any moment.  A recent rash of police raids on medical cannabis dispensaries across Canada have shown that some organizations are much more prepared than others to deal with the consequences.  Since the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club survived 4 […]

  • The Battle of Nanaimo

    Dean Schwind Ironically, the day after Canadians celebrated the hard won freedom that our veterans fought and died for, Nanaimo RCMP served the cities dispensaries with a cease and desist order. That hard won freedom that our country values does not extend to the residents of the city of Nanaimo, or to the simple act […]

  • From the Ashes Rise a Phoenix

    By Dean Schwind “I’m gonna change you like a remix, Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix” – Fall Out Boy With the winds of change blowing at gale force in the world of medical cannabis it’s challenging to keep up with all the new players, regulations, and landmark legal battles surrounding the weed. Generally, […]

  • Cannabis Conventions 2012

      The Cannabis Convention season is upon us, and the International Hempology 101 Society is gearing up to give us the best educational experience on cannabis in the province. The convention at the University of Victoria has been going strong since 1999, aside from one year in 2001 when the convention had to be cancelled […]

  • A LEAP Forward for Nanaimo

    By Blair Hedley John Anderson, a professor of Criminology at Vancouver Island University, was recently made the Nanaimo area speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I got in touch with him in late Nov., and he told me all about it. To start with, what exactly are a LEAP speaker’s duties? Well, I think you […]