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  • Victoria’s 420 Roots

    By Ted Smith This year marks 18 years of gathering at City Hall in Victoria B.C. on April 20 to smoke copious amounts of cannabis.  With an expected crowd of 2,000, it is one of the largest annual protests held in the provincial capital.  Many wonder how it got so big. The beginning of meeting […]

  • Halloweed Antics!

    (Ted Smith and Gayle Quin) There is no better time for the average cannabis smoker to come out of the closet than Halloween.  This can be done in any number of ways, even if you do not have a cannabis event to attend.  The possibilities are endless. One does not even need to consume cannabis […]


    How the NDP missed its chance to come out strong on marijuana, and why it’s not too late to make it right By Dana Larsen For four decades, the NDP was the standard-bearer for sensible marijuana laws.  From the time of the LeDain Commission report of 1971, it was the most progressive voice in Parliament […]

  • The Hicks

    By Andrew Brown They’re rude, crude, funny, and shocking—so offensive that the plug was pulled during a gig at a local gay bar. And they are proud of that. They are The Hicks, and indeed they are. Some folks just don’t enjoy satire on this level, and take it too much at face value, in […]

  • End Prohibition By Bidding For The Province’s Top Spot

    By Kristen Mann Tell me about the first time you used cannabis. The first time I smoked pot? The very first time was at a Pink Floyd concert and I was 17, or close to 18, and I didn’t really get much of an effect from it the first time, although it was a pretty […]

  • A May Vote-Remember Your ABCs

    By Amie Gravell Coming May 2, 2011. Canada will undergo its fourth election in seven years. Whatever one believes about the worth of another election, we can remain on the positive side and choose to see it as a chance to effect a more likable change in our leadership than last election (which of course […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback on our paper and articles. Sometimes I wonder…but then the papers keep disappearing! Thanks to everyone for their help, encouragement, and patience through all the renovations of late. I never dreamed “the box” would morph into something so wonderful. We turned the speakers into the […]

  • An Interview With: Elizabeth May

    The Greens on mandatory minimums and legalization Cannabis Digest: Do you know anything about Hempology 101 in Victoria, or what we do as an organization? Elizabeth May: No We have been involved in the Victoria scene for 15 years. We are an advocacy group for hemp and marijuana—both sides of the cannabis coin. We have […]