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  • Ontario Updates: Raids, Arrests and 420

    Tracy Lamourie This issue marks my one year anniversary writing this column,  so let me start it by thanking you all for coming along on this journey with me.  The last 12 months have been interesting ones in the canna world, to say the least, and as we look ahead to spring and summer 2017, […]

  • Pottawa: Dispensaries Flourish After Raids and Robberies

    Ottawa’s Dispensary Scene Still Flourishing After Raids And Robberies Russell Barth Since the first marijuana dispensary in Ottawa opened in late 2015, the total number of dispensaries has grown to roughly twenty, depending on who you ask. There are even some dispensaries that the media and greater public don’t know about, but I and many […]

  • Task Force Survey Shows Dispensaries Face Future Raids

    Ted Smith Survey #3-Designing an Appropriate Distribution System Phased-in approach to distribution: In the initial stages of legalizing marijuana, only allowing a proven system of distribution (e.g., through the mail, as is currently done in the medical marijuana regime) could minimize the risks of uncontrolled/illegal retail sales outlined above.  This system could enable access for […]

  • Police Raid Plans: Are You Prepared?

    Ted Smith Anyone working in the illegal cannabis industry needs to be prepared to get arrested at any moment.  A recent rash of police raids on medical cannabis dispensaries across Canada have shown that some organizations are much more prepared than others to deal with the consequences.  Since the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club survived 4 […]

  • The Wild West: Contrasting Clubs & LP’s

    The struggles of medical marijuana distribution in Canada By Ted Smith Describing Canadian medical cannabis distribution as the wild west show might seem like a stretch to some, but to those in the field there has never been as much interest, excitement, opportunity and disappointment as we are witnessing right now.  The Green Rush is […]