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  • Health Canada VS Cannabis Digest

    By Ted Smith The war of words just got a little more interesting.  One day before calling a federal election, Health Canada announced that a renewed effort will be taken to stop illegal dispensaries and websites from advertising.  This puts the Cannabis Digest newspaper square in the forefront of another legal battle with the federal […]

  • High Court Heroics

    By Ted Smith (editors note: Health Canada has since made a response to the Smith ruling, read about it HERE) Cries of relief and outrage could be heard across Canada early in the morning, last June 11.  Tears of joy streamed down many faces as news spread about another blow to cannabis prohibition, though not […]

  • Health Canada Fails Patients

    By Beth Cormier After reading this Globe and Mail op-ed, it is clear to me that this journalist has not done their medical cannabis history homework. The Harper Government did not make the initial decision that medicinal cannabis users could only smoke cannabis; rather they have upheld the status quo. The Harper government has continually […]

  • Minister Ambrose on Medical Cannabis – Now in plain english

    A Take on Nurse Rona, Canada’s (Gulp) Health Minister   If you are not a Canadian, let me introduce you to Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Minister of Health and Nurse Ratched for the Harper Government, Canada’s ruling so-called Conservatives.  On April 25 she was speaking with CBC host Stephen Quinn, responding to the Vancouver City Council’s […]

  • Attack of the Ad Man

    (Glass Brain Bong featured in anti-pot ads) By Debbie Stultz-Giffin Can you really believe Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s claim that a new anti-drug campaign targeted at teens wasn’t asking Canadian physicians to take a partisan view on cannabis this summer?  Now that the ad campaign has rolled out, it is undeniable! As you may recall […]

  • Hysteria Over Marijuana and the Teenage Brain: A Mild Rant

    In 2015, Canadians will be heading into a federal election.  A key issue will be legalizing marijuana.  The contending Liberal Party of Canada led by Justin Trudeau, supports the idea.  The ruling Conservatives led by Stephen Harper oppose it.  But while the Liberals have taken the lead by proposing this legislation, it is their opponents who have […]