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  • RvSmith Fundraising Wrap-up

    By Owen Smith The long road of trials that made up the six year RvSmith constitutional challenge was about as successful as such a legal quest can be.  The Supreme Court of Canada delivered a landmark ruling that affirmed patients rights to choose a logically safer form of their medicine.  I was found not guilty and the […]

  • Deciphering R.v.Smith

    Government Issues Section 56 Exemptions By Owen Smith The landslide 7-0 decision from the Supreme Court of Canada in my favour is now a landmark in the landscape of Canadian cannabis litigation. The facts that we assembled form a fortified field position for further advancements against the forces of cannabis prohibition. While the war wages […]

  • High Court Heroics

    By Ted Smith (editors note: Health Canada has since made a response to the Smith ruling, read about it HERE) Cries of relief and outrage could be heard across Canada early in the morning, last June 11.  Tears of joy streamed down many faces as news spread about another blow to cannabis prohibition, though not […]

  • Press Release: Health Canada’s Half-baked Response to Smith

    For Immediate Release Weds July 8, 2015 Victoria, B.C.: Less than one month after the Supreme Court of Canada handed down the Owen Smith decision, Health Canada has announced they are starting to issue Licensed Producers an Exemption #56 from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to allow them to produce and sell cannabis extracts, […]

  • Hand Rubbed Hash

    By Owen Smith While not as ideal as dry sifting and making water hash, hand rubbing is the most basic method of separating the medicinal trichome heads from the body of the plant. This important step is at the centre of the constitutional challenge that I took to the Supreme Court of Canada in March […]

  • Making Dry Sift Hash

    (Image: Fresh Headies) Making Dry Sift Hash Separating the medicinal ingredients stored in the trichomes head of the cannabis plant from the remaining inert material might prove to be the single most important step in making clean cannabis medicines. The bulbous glandular reservoir dangles precariously, like the cap of a glass mushroom, waiting for the […]

  • Health Canada Fails Patients

    By Beth Cormier After reading this Globe and Mail op-ed, it is clear to me that this journalist has not done their medical cannabis history homework. The Harper Government did not make the initial decision that medicinal cannabis users could only smoke cannabis; rather they have upheld the status quo. The Harper government has continually […]

  • Edibles Medibles: A Trek through a Political Labyrinth

    By Judith Stamps Edibles Medibles: A Trek through a Political Labyrinth It’s been an unbalanced, multi-polar week in Canadian Cannabis history.  On Thursday June 11, the Supreme Court of Canada published the last word on the status of edible cannabis meds in Canada: legal, effective immediately.  Up until then, the rule had been smoking or […]

  • Will Owen Smith Change The Law On June 11?

    For Immediate Release Mon June 8, 2015 Victoria, B.C.: On Thurs June 11, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada will hand down its decision in the trial of Owen Smith, former head baker for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.  This is the first time the highest court in the land has ruled on a medical […]

  • The Extract Trial: Kirk Tousaw

    By Owen Smith Kirk Tousaw is one of Canada’s top Cannabis lawyers. Born in the state of Michigan, Kirk has been an advocate for cannabis legalization since high school. He obtained a degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy before moving to Vancouver in 2002. There he completed his Masters thesis on the “Malmo-Levine case” […]