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  • Why Does Vancouver City Council Want to Ban Edibles?

    The recent announcement by the city of Vancouver to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries is causing a stir on all sides. The federal government immediately denounced the decision, Rona Ambrose repeating that dispensaries are not part of the legal Medical Marihuana regulations (MMPR). Licensed producers have spoken to the value of their service as superseding the […]

  • Vancouver’s Green Rush

    Unprecedented Increase in Cannabis Dispensaries Causing Growing Pains When is something illegal? It’s a simple question with multiple answers depending upon what that “something” represents in the question.  In the case of medical marijuana, that simple question has become infinitely more complex in Canada than it used to be.  It is clear that according to […]

  • Historic Extract trial Hits Ottawa

    Decision Should Radically Change How Cannabis Is Used As Medicine In Canada ”Would you confine your points to things that really matter!” This was the last thing Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said to crown lawyer Paul Riley before Riley quickly closed his arguments.  It was an appropriate ending to a special morning in the Supreme Court […]

  • Kirk Tousaw on RvSmith in the Supreme Court of Canada

    By Kirk Tousaw I recently had the privilege of arguing the R v. Smith medical cannabis extract case before the Supreme Court of Canada. That case involves whether the government’s medical cannabis regime violates the Charter because it restricts patients – even those who have qualified for exemptions from the general prohibition due to medical […]

  • RvSmith Extract Trial Fundraising

    Liam McKnight is one of the many Canadians who benefit greatly from the use of extracted cannabis products. It was my honor to meet Liam and many other medical cannabis patients at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa last weekend. The RvSmith extract trial that I recently brought to the Supreme Court of Canada has […]

  • Living the Supreme Dream

    By Ted Smith Last Friday March 20 was a dream come true for myself and many other cannabis activists. Normally I would say you had to be there, but in this case there is actually a recording that will forever show the government dismally fail in its defense of the medical cannabis regulations.  Over the […]

  • RvSmith Supreme Court of Canada Coverage

    I recently travelled to Ottawa with Ted Smith and Dieter Macpherson and my partner Coco (see photo above) to attend the March 20th hearing in Supreme Court of Canada. This would be the climax of our 5 and a half year quest to declare the Canadian medical cannabis regulations unconstitutional. We were hosted by Kelly […]

  • March is Medical Cannabis Month in Canada

    By Dean Schwind For many years now my friends and I have proudly celebrated the cannabis users holy day of April 20th. The 4/20 celebration has grown from humble somewhat mysterious beginnings into an internationally recognized day to honour and praise all the wonderful things about cannabis. There are marches and smoke in’s, raves, festivals, […]