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  • Cannabis Digest Issue 39 – Full Issue

        Read the full issue of the Cannabis Digest as it was meant to be seen.

  • Master of the Courtroom

    John Conroy leads fight against MMPR   By Al Graham I can remember sitting around and talking with friends back in 2003 about two court cases that could have brought an end to cannabis prohibition in Canada. At that time people were really hoping for a green Christmas. No not a snowless green Christmas, but […]

  • Hemp Farming Back in the USA

    Plant rooting itself in American industry one again By Diane Walsh Solid political support behind optimistic Congressional bills in the U.S. House and Senate and the “Farm Bill,” along the successful initiatives in two states (Washington and Colorado) legalizing marijuana, spells game change. California has taken the lead in looking to register industrial hemp farmers. […]

  • Appeal Court Grills Defence in Extract Trial

    Kirk Tousaw Brilliantly Attacks MMAR   By Owen Smith   But I thought we already won? In my last article, I tracked the arrival and spread of medicinal cannabis culture in the modern world, spotlighting the development of extract products made to help the general population as well as specific cases, such as children with seizures. […]

  • Patients Will Take Their Fight to Ottawa

    Many will suffer and die from loss of their gardens   By Ted Smith War is seldom a simple affair. This includes the War on Drugs. This drug war is a fight for power: control of the economy, control of one’s health, control of government resources. It is a war which forces patients to suffer […]

  • Trudeau Jumps on Cannaboat

    Liberals consider policy reform a priority By Debbie Stultz-Giffin With the emergence of new political figures nationally and provincially, activists championing a cause chomp at the proverbial bit to ferret out the philosophy and position that he or she may bring to the table in relation to their “issue.” Having been entrenched in cannabis activism […]

  • Cannabis Digest Issue 38 – Full Issue

  • Dilemmas of Mainstream Cannabis

    Navigating Cannabis Science and Culture under Prohibition By Owen Smith Surfing The High Seas In the last article I encouraged the medical cannabis community to engage the internet to stay astride with the rapidly emerging innovations in cannabis science worldwide. I urged patients and interested parties to look at the many examples just south of […]

  • Ottawa’s Pied Pipers of Pot – Russell Barth & Christine Lowe

    Russell Barth & Christine Lowe fighting for the right to medicate By Al Graham pace-online.ca When I first got involved with the cannabis community, I often saw the same name attached to published letters appearing in newspapers. They were always educational and spoke with truth, unlike what some politicians were saying about cannabis. I then […]

  • U.S. Closer to Federal Marijuana Policy

    State initiatives forcing a change at the top By Ron Mullins Aug. 28, 2013: is it an historically triumphant day for marijuana activists in the U.S., or just more political smoke screen? That’s what many in the cannabis community are trying to figure out. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in the conference call with the […]