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  • Edibles Medibles: A Trek through a Political Labyrinth

    By Judith Stamps Edibles Medibles: A Trek through a Political Labyrinth It’s been an unbalanced, multi-polar week in Canadian Cannabis history.  On Thursday June 11, the Supreme Court of Canada published the last word on the status of edible cannabis meds in Canada: legal, effective immediately.  Up until then, the rule had been smoking or […]

  • Will Owen Smith Change The Law On June 11?

    For Immediate Release Mon June 8, 2015 Victoria, B.C.: On Thurs June 11, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada will hand down its decision in the trial of Owen Smith, former head baker for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.  This is the first time the highest court in the land has ruled on a medical […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #43

    by Ted Smith Well it appears as though I will be writing the “Updates, Etc.” article in each issue now, taking over from my love, Gayle Quin, who is struggling with her health.  She will continue writing a personal note with each issue. (Ted and Gayle coloured Issue 42 of the Cannabis Digest) This newspaper […]

  • Supreme Court Extract Case Set for March

    By Ted Smith On March 20, 2015, patients and activists from across the country will descend upon the Supreme Court of Canada to witness the first medical cannabis case ever heard by the high court.  Owen Smith, former head baker of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, will be in the front row to watch his […]

  • The Wild West: Contrasting Clubs & LP’s

    The struggles of medical marijuana distribution in Canada By Ted Smith Describing Canadian medical cannabis distribution as the wild west show might seem like a stretch to some, but to those in the field there has never been as much interest, excitement, opportunity and disappointment as we are witnessing right now.  The Green Rush is […]

  • Cannabis Digest Video Review: Sep 27–Oct 3 2014

    the Saga of Medical Marijuana in Washington State; Cannabis Faiths; Vaporizer Wisdom and more from the Cannabis Digest this week Owen Smith brings you the Cannabis Digest News from September 27th to October 3rd, 2014   Notes & Links   September 27th By Calli Walton To some, religion can be a tender subject. And why […]

  • Lifting the Illusion of “Dried Marihuana”

    Figure 1. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Schedule 2, Cannabis What exactly is ‘dried marihuana’? In April of 2012, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston struck the term “dried marihuana” from the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations, refining the language to refer to all products listed as Cannabis in schedule 2 of the CDSA (figure […]

  • The Benefits of Eating and Vaporizing Cannabis

    By Owen Smith When doctors talk about cannabis, many agree that although it’s a relatively harmless complex of chemicals, smoking it is an obvious problem. Medical cannabis patients know that the benefits of smoking are an instant relief of their symptoms, and the ability to regulate/titrate doses until their symptoms are relieved. Many patients know […]

  • Winter of Hash? Has Smith created legal lacuna for extracts?

    Winter of Hash?   Has Smith created legal lacuna for extracts? All of the impacts of the recent Smith decision in the BC Court of Appeal have not been fully understood and many questions remain.  While the lawyers debate about how the government will respond, there are a few points I would like to raise about […]