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  • Cannabis and the Rabbi: Reflections on a Most Unusual Forum

    Judith Stamps Last Tuesday evening, November 24 2015, I had the unique privilege of speaking at a forum on cannabis held at the Temple Emanu-El, the conservative Jewish synagogue in Victoria BC.  The event was planned and hosted by the congregation’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Harry Brechner.  On the panel with me were Dieter MacPherson, president […]

  • Cannabis and the Project of Enlightenment: Can We Make It Work?

    By Judith Stamps ONE FACT, TWO RULES, AND A DEFINTION FACT: inequality in wealth and power is increasing in our world.  The richest one percent of adults own over 40% of the world’s wealth (land, buildings, food, resources, machinery, weapons, technology, and cash), a figure that, according to Credit Swisse, will rise to over 50% […]

  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana

    By Kirk Tousaw In Nov. 2012, the Harper Conservative government ushered in new mandatory sentencing legislation for certain Controlled Drugs and Substances Act offences. Despite criticism from outside and inside government, and clear evidence that such sentences are harmful to the criminal justice system and society, the ideologically-driven rules are now law and are binding […]

  • The Myth Of The Marijuana Millionaire

    Having spent the better part of 10 years behind the counter at two of the largest hydroponic supply stores on Vancouver Island, I’ve been involved in the design and set up of hundreds of grow ops. From bedroom closets and dingy basements to high tech warehouse operations, I’ve seen it all, and rode the wave […]

  • Authorized Not Approved

    Smith Vs. the Drug Approval Process By Ted Smith Recently the federal government announced it was appealing the Owen Smith trial to the Supreme Court of Canada.  A 2-1 ruling by the BC Court of Appeal struck down the medical cannabis regulations for being unconstitutional in August, giving the crown little choice but to appeal […]