Warnings, Updates and Suggestion’s

by Gayle Quin

All I can start with is WOW! What a year it’s been. December always makes me reflect. What happened to the year, and how am I going to get through this winter healthier? There is no time to think about next year. The single most important thing to be aware of is the fact that Bill S-10 is still alive and well. It has been passed by the Senate (which was recently stacked by Harper), so we feel it best to target Michael Ignatieff and ask “what the heck are you going to do about the Harprercons?” Please call, write, or e-mail every day—it’s free, but we won’t be soon if Harper isn’t stopped!

We’ve been having street meets twice a week since March—fridays at noon we are across the street from the Empress in front of the Legislative Buildings, and saturdays we are roaming in different locations (which are posted on the white board at the club, and on-line in the forums at They are a lot of fun and we get a great response from motorists and passer-bys alike.

The best responses so far have been during the roaming meets, with the corner of MacKenzie and Shelbourne ranking first in honks, followed closely by the Gabriola Island ferry line-up where they laid on their horns while boarding the ferry. I can’t wait to go back next July for next year’s Film Fest! Sooke takes third place, and the Galloping Goose over-pass (by Town and Country) fourth. We hung the LEGALIZE banner over the side while six of us held “Stop S-10” and “Honk for Hemp” signs. There should be some pictures at <> We even heard the tinkle of bicycle bells quite frequently as well!

With an estimated $9 billion being put away to build jails and hire prison guards, you would think Mr. Harper could spare some funds for a new Children’s Hospital in Vancouver and some beds for the new hospital in Victoria. I guess Stephen thinks that everyone will be in jail and won’t need things like hospitals or schools. After all, if you’re rich enough, all those things are privately available. Through all the early snow recently, we held our first Film Festival at the Duncan Garage, showing Waiting to Inhale. It was very well attended, considering the weather, and so many people showed interest that we have been asked, not only come back for a repeat performance, but to also make it a monthly movie/discussion night. These will be held at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday night of each month, in the Show Room at the Duncan Garage.

There is some good news on the cannabis front, though. Hempology 101 now has a club at the University of British Columbia (UBC) ratified, and a room booked for the 1st Convention on Jan. 28, 2011. A huge thank-you to Nai and the Social Justice Club of UBC for all their help and friendship.

The Annual Silent Art Auction held on Nov. 15, International Medical Marijuana Day, raised $800 for the Bakery Defense Fund. Ted and I would like to thank everyone who donated art, joined in the fun of the bidding wars, or just enjoyed the art. Another auction is planned to happen soon, so watch the walls!

Another thank you goes out to all the brave Cannabis Carolers who braved the cold and came out to sing with us this Holiday Season!

Hempy New Year to All, Love Gayle