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Yogabis: Melding Mind, Body and Cannabis

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Ganja Yoga is for folks interested in engaging in healthy practices for mind and body.

What is ganja yoga?

Essentially it’s ingesting psycho-active cannabis and then doing yoga practice while under it’s influence. Why include ganja in a yoga practice? For me, using ganja regularly as a helpful tool in yoga classes increases body awareness so that during my practice I can push the edges of my comfort yet feel an acceptance for where my body is at and keep a respect for that, all this within the meditative mindset it fosters.


Why do yoga at all?

Look at the lives most mammals, they run/exert, rest, explore, play, eat and stretch intermittently throughout their day. On the other hand many humans often skip stretching and physical exertion… In place of these activities they sit at desks surfing the web, lay on the couch watching a show of some sort or play a video games. We are healthier when we are moving, the body requires usage or it wears out, ganja yoga provides stretching, strengthening, variety, and good times in spades. I think ganja and yoga are a good fit for each other.


Joey Lundgreen

The house of yoga
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