Heroes make the world a better place.

Becoming a cannabis hero may not as hard as your think. Defending the truth, helping the sick and vulnerable, growing medicine, writing letters, wearing cannabis t-shirts, attending rallies, and networking on-line are individually easy things to do. Doing more than one thing to free the weed makes you a hero in my books.

For many, the more active you are, the easier and more liberating cannabis activism becomes. Being part of a community allows us to learn from each other as we develop as individuals and groups. There is a certain joy that grows within us as we work together to make the world a better place using cannabis.

Few heroes have shared as much joy, wisdom, and passion for justice as Michelle Rainey. She taught people that they can be heroes, too—and in so doing became a cannabis superhero in the eyes of many.

From the moment she stepped into the scene, Michelle lightened up the atmosphere around her with her boundless energy, charm, and sincerity. Her presence demanded attention, and not just because she was pretty and glowing with good vibrations.  Michelle’s warmth, keen intellect, and bold tactical political wisdom attracted supporters from all walks of life to the cannabis community.

People who suffer from serious medical problems face many challenges. Most of us do not consider our impending death every day, struggling against pain and anxiety that makes every minute seem longer and every hurdle a little taller. Getting out of bed to face the world becomes more difficult for most people as their body breaks down.

Michelle was not one of those who went quietly. She raged into the night. She raged against the drug companies. She raged against Health Canada. She raged against the cancer. She raged against the media.

So come on, join the legion of superheroes. Stand up for truth, justice, and Mother Nature. Make Michelle proud.