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  • Cannabis and Opioid Induced Constipation

    OIC (Opioid Induced Constipation) How Does Cannabis Help? I recently saw a TV commercial for the treatment of Opioid Induced Constipation. A drug for the effects of a drug; not a side effect…it’s just an effect. With opioids that have been declared a national emergency and epidemic in North America, I see this as the height […]

  • French Drug Trial Death Caused by Blocking the Endocannabinoid System

      Media Statement; Kush Inc. David Allen MD Chief Medical Advisor. 1/17/16 Two pharmaceutical synthetic drugs aimed at blocking the function of the Endocannabinoid Signaling System (ECS) cause death, disease and dysfunction. The recent clinical drug trial in France that ended in death highlights the importance of a previously unknown regulatory mechanism that controls all […]

  • Cannabis in Ireland – Part 1 – History

    Part 1 – History Owen Smith The future of Cannabis seems bright in North America. U.S States are legalizing one-by-one while the entire country of Canada sits pending it’s own legalization plan.  While in contravention of out-dated UN treaties, Canada stands ready to lead a rebellion against the global drug war. Elsewhere in the world, […]

  • Normalizing Cannabis Culture: A Few Cultural Hurdles

    Judith Stamps As we start to think about legalizing cannabis, it is useful to consider the mental and social barriers that are likely to keep 35% of Canadians hostile to it.  Some hurdles are likely to remain for at least a generation, maybe even two.  Here are four worth examining. 1. We lack confidence in […]

  • CANNABOND Sales Over

    Ted Smith Twelve years after releasing CANNABONDS, sales are officially ending today.  Anyone wanting to get the promised quarter ounce of cannabis will have to wait until 3 months after the new laws legalizing cannabis are passed before they can cash it in.  For now, the International Hempology 101 Society is very happy to announce […]

  • Interview with The Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis

    By Patrick Dewals Dewals: Doctor van de Velde how long does the DOMC exist? van de Velde: In 1998, the former minister decided to set up the bureau. But because of the regulatory and legislative work associated with the drafting of a new government agency, it took until 2001 before the office was actually installed […]

  • Deciphering R.v.Smith

    Government Issues Section 56 Exemptions By Owen Smith The landslide 7-0 decision from the Supreme Court of Canada in my favour is now a landmark in the landscape of Canadian cannabis litigation. The facts that we assembled form a fortified field position for further advancements against the forces of cannabis prohibition. While the war wages […]

  • Making Water Hash

    (image: MedicalJane) Water hash is another simple way to extract the trichome heads from the bulk of the cannabis plant. This important step in obtaining the desired medicinal compounds without ingesting the bulk of the plant was at the center of the constitutional challenge that was recently affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada. Using […]

  • The Gayle Quin Chronicles

    Happy spring everyone. It sure is great to be here still.  Thank you so much to all of you amazing people who have been sending me love, medicine, food, company and healing thoughts and energy. What a year so far!  A very special thank you to all of the club members for helping make history […]

  • The Lift Cannabis Forum: Vancouver

    By Owen Smith Cannabis Digest readers may have noticed that a good portion of my blogging over the last six months has included the tag “previously appeared at lift cannabis”. Lift is a website that helps patients to navigate the complexities of Canada’s medical marijuana regulations and gives patients a platform to explore and review […]

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