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Happy spring everyone.

It sure is great to be here still.  Thank you so much to all of you amazing people who have been sending me love, medicine, food, company and healing thoughts and energy.

What a year so far!  A very special thank you to all of the club members for helping make history happen.  Yup, I am talking about the R. vs Smith court case.  That was the most exciting thing I have watched in a long time.  It is not every day you get to hear a Supreme Court of Canada judge tell a prosecutor to stop wasting their time.  Ted is writing a feature article full of quotes for those who did not get to watch.  It is also on CPAC, our forums and all over facebook.

Anxious we are as we await the impending decision!  So please keep thinking positively about this case; the judges are writing their decisions as you read this paper.  Help it be free and legal.  It seems so many have their eye on the money these days it is hard to see the seeds of hope.  Yet I have watched the world wake up lately; I keep faith in us, and remain ever hopeful, as it is simply fantastic to be alive!

To be sure, I never thought I would be on the front page of a magazine, let alone three!  Thanks to Skunk magazine and John Vergados for his vision, hard work and just for being himself.  John is one of the special people who makes me keep trying to be a more caring person.  And thanks to my love, Ted, for the writing.  I have not read it yet, so that is all I will say for now.

The times have been so exciting.  I crashed for a week after Ted got back from Ottawa, and have been doing little but eating and sleeping since.

10985480_707144339414743_8842650383656400948_nOn that note, I cannot believe how much cannabis I can eat and still be awake.  I take hash (dry sift trichomes), then decarboxylate it in the oven at 325 for 30 minutes and then add just enough cannoil to make it flow in capsules.  I have actually become sensitive to the taste of cannabis and cannot have it cooked in my food anymore!

Eating so much cannabis capsules was actually making me feel nausea, so I eat pepper in almost every meal and it helps my tummy feel better.   People with kidney troubles should use green cayenne pepper.

Many friends have sent extracted oils, butters, shatters, hash, creams, salves, water resin and raw herb.  I cry and say thank you a lot these days.  I have so much to be grateful for.  I have been mixing wax in with my massage oils, which has helped provide relief from pain and spasms.  I also take small, rice-sized pieces of shatter, flatten it out and stick it to the gums in my mouth.  If I get a corner I stick it on a tooth, as it will stay there longer so it can be sublingually absorbed in the mucous membranes as homeopathic remedies are.

A cannapatch helps give me long-lasting relief, too, which is great because it is using medicine that would otherwise get thrown out in the compost.  I put a small bit of water resin in my foot soak, as I cannot get into the bath yet.  But I do get into the shower two times a week now!

Suppositories also make a big difference in helping me get uninterrupted sleep.  Sometimes I sleep too well and wake up sore from not turning enough.  This morning I woke up without excruciating pain in my back, and I think, though I am not sure, that my boob is getting round again!!  Could I really be putting weight back on?  I believe so!

tedgayleThank you everyone.  Especially Ted, without whom I would be in an institution of one type or another.  Thank you all.

By Gayle Quin

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