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Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

 Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

By Gayle Quin

It was a bright and sunny day when I left off last time. It was smooth sailing to Vancouver, and fairly smooth sailing throughout the weekend. My most humble thanks to Sandra and Remo for putting together the 1st Vancouver Health Expo. It was a weekend combined with Mark Klokeid’s 2nd Kush cup. The Health Expo was an inspirational event. Alternative health care practitioners and cannabis crusaders shared a weekend full of fun GayleTherapyand knowledge.

There are an amazing variety of alternative treatments available today. I even tried a Cryogenic Chamber that flash freezes you to re-boot your immune system—it was definitely a unique experience, and quite invigorating. You can see photos of the weekend on Hempology 101’s web page. We only made it out to one of the Kush Cup events, which was a wonderful evening of comedy. It was great to see friends we made at the Toronto Treating Yourself Expo make it out to this event.

During the summer we ventured to Birken, in the Pemberton Valley, for the Great Canadian Glass Gathering. I would like to thank Patrick Red Beard for organizing the event, Mike for hosting us in a wondrous wooded wonderland, and all those who cooked, blew glass, entertained, and helped clean up afterwards. It was the most spectacular event imaginable. Glass blowers shared tips and techniques with each other, and answered dumb bunny questions of mine with glowing smiles. If you wanted to actually purchase something, you had to start by trying to figure out who made what. There were DJ’s and a fire spinning dancing girl to entertain us; fresh cooked meals, as well as an open BBQ to feed us; and all the amazing eye candy, smokeable art pieces you could ever imagine. We camped beside a spring fed stream where we got our water—it was spectacular. I can’t wait until next year.

Hempology 101’s 18th Anniversary March was a lot of fun, so I will apologize now for the exuberance during filming. I always end up having too much fun and forget not to yell. Tourists were very supportive and it was a very festive occasion. The security guards at the Leg. were happy to see us and honoured us with a joke. How can anyone’s life get any better?

During our last VCBC Membership meeting, it came to our attention that 70 percent of our new membership has been due to direct recommendations for the use of cannabis. Many state the patient should be using our products by name, or CBD generally. Thank you everyone for helping to educate the medical community.

If you haven’t been to the club in a while, you are in for a real treat when you do come. We have expanded our selection of capsules. Don’t worry, you can still get Ryanol and Stalkanol, but now you can also choose from: Mixed (regular) Cannoil, Non-Decarboxylized Cannoil, Indica Cannoil, Sativa Cannoil, CBD Cannoil, Indica Hash and Sativa Hash Capsules. We only use vegetable capsules.

Now I’ll go through them one by one for you.
Ryanol are made from the leaf. It is high in terpenes that have sedative qualities, so it is a good smooth muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, and antispasmodic.

Stalkanol is the small bud stalks infused into olive oil and are very relaxing without putting you to sleep.

Mixed cannoil is our regular cannoil capsulated. It has both Indica and Sativa properties.

Non-Decarboxalized cannoil may have greater and more rapid anti-inflammatory, analgesic activity, with less psychoactive effects than Mixed Cannoil due to having the inactive THC acids. It is during the decarboxylation process that THC acids become active.

Indica Cannoil is relaxing, sedative, helps sleep, is anti-inflammatory, and reduces intraocular pressure, anxiety, pain, nausea, tremor, seizures, and is also anticonvulsant—just to name a few.

Sativa Cannoil is generally uplifting and energizing, a strong analgesic able to relieve migraines and nausea. It can be an antidepressant, stimulate appetite and the immune system, as well as being anticonvulsant and antitumoral. Sativas may exacerbate anxiety, as well as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, and are best avoided if one is predisposed to any such disorders or has heart disease of any type.

CBD Cannoil is the least psychoactive of our products. It has also been found to have immune modulating effects, can lower intraocular pressure, is an antiepileptic, antidystonic, as well as being antibacterial, antiviral, and having neuroprotective properties. It reduces the stoned effect of THC and is proving to be useful in psychiatry due to its anxiolytic antipsychotic properties.

Our strongest products are the Indica Hash and Sativa Hash capsules. They are hash dissolved in hemp seed oil, extremely potent and should only be used by experienced edible cannabis consumers. Our livers convert active ingredients to 11-hydroxy-THC a metabolite that becomes four to five times more psychoactive than regular THC. Also, when you eat cannabis, none is lost in combustion so you get your whole dose.

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