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A Note From Gayle Quin


By Gayle Quin

Well wonders never cease, I know that for sure.  And wonders take you everywhere.  I know that too.  So on with the next wonder.

I am writing this today to move on to another chapter in my life.  It has been a different year with my health and my main focus must remain on healing myself.  I absolutely cannot express my love and gratitude to everyone for all of the help and support.  You all have been helping save our lives.  Not kidding.

Seriously, though, I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the donations of money, oils, extracts, hash, herb, food, love, TIME spent with us and for every single good thought and wish.  Without my friends I would right now be stuck in a lonely room of the long term care ward in the hospital stuffed so full of pharmaceuticals I would not know up from down.  I know, I have been there before, and I pray not to go back.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

I take this hiatus knowing the Cannabis Digest is in great hands and growing steadily.  I take great pride in knowing the time spent educating people with the paper is well received.

I’ll be around to blog and make sure everyone stays focused on positivity and light.

With all of the changes in the cannabis world, and the world in general, we need to think with positive intent.  Just think- never before has a medical cannabis case made it to the Supreme Court of Canada people.  Just think about it.  We are living in historic times.  Lets make it count for something.  We are going to need help and lots of it.  I will not be able to travel to Ottawa with Ted and crew, so I will need support at home and he will need help in Ottawa.  Some help is on the way.  We were very happy to be contacted by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association of Ontario who want to help by intervening.  Yahoo!  So plant love and light firmly in your heart and lets get cannabis some freedom.


(Ted Smith and Gayle Quin)

So what happened?  I got up to go to the bathroom, took two steps and felt something crunch in my back.  Two vertebrate have compression fractures from cancer.  I am 1 ½ inches shorter, just like that.  Ted phoned an ambulance for me and the attendants were amazing.  When they realized my state and understood my chemical sensitivities they got Ted to smoke me some hash before loading me into the truck.  The hospital had good care the first week.  The nurses were receptive and supportive of my cannabis use.  I eat all different types of hash, oils, and capsules.  Thanks again for the donations.  You know who you are.

Ted covers my back in comfrey and cannabis oil, as well as coconut oil infused with hash, twice a day to relieve pain and fight cancer.  I also use cannabis suppositories before going to bed each night.

The lack of cooperation between the hospital and the naturopathic community was appalling.  My doctor in the hospital ordered an intravenous Vitamin C for me but the hospital would not let a nurse give it to me because it was not mixed in a regular pharmacy.

Our health care system needs a lot of work.

I will keep dreaming of living in a world full of compassion and love where everyone shares and cares for each other.  All we have is each other- nothing else matters at all.


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