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  • Mernagh Loses Bad

    Appeal court overturns inaccessibility ruling By Al Graham In Apr. 2008, Matt Mernagh, who uses medical marijuana to deal with his fibromyalgia, scoliosis, epilepsy, and depression, was charged with the production of his medication. Unfortunately for him, he has been unable to find a doctor willing to sign the required MMAR paperwork, in order for […]

  • Sensible BC Rollin’

    Campaign kicking into high gear   By Andrew Brown Since last Oct., Dana Larsen and the Sensible BC campaign—the voter initiative to effectively make cannabis possession the lowest police priority in B.C., with no money used to enforce the federal possession laws—have been touring throughout B.C. visiting dozens of communities from Northern B.C. to Vancouver […]

  • Game Changer

    New rules benefit business, not patients By Ryan Fink Where people in Canada are still unjustly prohibited from using cannabis recreationally, those who have been granted a tenuous right to use it medicinally are being targeted by Health Canada in a new scheme called the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) that is set to […]

  • Docs, Stocks and Two Legal States

    Doc’s, Stocks and Two Legal States Medical Cannabis Industry Changing Rapidly By Owen Smith   After the good news just before Christmas that the charges against me, relating to the V-CBC bakery incident in 2009, were dropped, and after successfully completing the trial in less than ten minutes and being acquitted, I am glad to […]

  • Baker’s Journey Through Court

    Baker’s Journey Through Court Smith acquitted, Crown will appeal extract ruling By Owen Smith   In the past two articles (Concentrating on Cannabinoids and Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials) , I explored in detail some of the pivotal points that came from the recent successful constitutional challenge that I helped bring before the Supreme Court […]

  • New Rules Hurt Patients

    MMPR replaces MMAR and takes away patients’ right to grow   For many, the MMAR as we know it will come to an end soon, as the federal government of Stephen Harper has decided to make some changes. The proposed date of Sept. 30, 2013 will be last time that they would like to be […]

  • US Medical Marijuana Update: Changes being made accross the country

      Mitt Romney (mis)speaks out on medi- cal marijuana, the LA dispensary ban is repealed, and the feds keep on grinding away at medical marijuana providers with another conviction in Montana and a lengthy prison sentence in Michigan. And that’s just for starters. Let’s get to it: National On Monday, GOP presidential can- didate Mitt […]

  • Smoking Out Toronto : Activists fighting for the right to smoke in Canada’s biggest city

    This summer, the Toronto cannabis scene has been like no other. Almost every week there is some event, show, or court case held somewhere in and around the city. While these don’t always make the news, this past summer saw two situations that went mainstream. These would be the Superior Court Case of Matt Mernagh, […]

  • BC Municipalities Vote Sensibly

    At the end of Sept. the Union of B.C. Municipalities voted on a resolution lobbying Ottawa to decriminalize marijuana and study the benefits of taxing and regulating cannabis in Canada. While this affects no real change in the laws, it is a small step that signifies that public leadership in British Columbia has reached a […]

  • Trial by Fire

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy By Ryan Fink The past decade has seen much progress in what is fast becoming a revolution surrounding government drug policy and social attitudes toward drug culture in Canada. The endurance and proliferation across the country of illegal medicinal cannabis providers over the past decade, […]