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Good Queen Cannabis


To the tune of “Good King Wenceslas”


by Ted Smith


Good Queen Cannabis looked out,

On the fields of B.C.,

Where the buds grew all about,

Far and dank and sticky,

Brightly shone the sun this fall,

And the frost was quite light

Many growers gave their all,

Making smiles bright



“Hither, friend, and smoke with me,

If you know the truth,

Why is ganja not set free?

Do you have the proof?”

“Queen, we live in troubled days,

Profits before prosper,

Those in power cling to ways,

That make us all suffer.”



“Bring my hemp and bring my pot,

Bring my lawyers hither,

Thou and I shall sit down not,

While earth and people wither,

Friends of ganja, forth we go,

Let us puff together,

Fighting for our rights we know,

We will smoke forever.”




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