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Hemp for Fuel

Hemp Fuels

by Ted Smith

One of the most intriguing uses of hemp is fuel.  When Rudolf Diesel invented his engine in the late 1800’s it was made to burn fuels made with vegetable oils, much like the bio-diesel vehicles we often hear about today.  Instead of using hemp or other more sustainable, environmentally friendly energy sources, though, fossil fuel companies and their partners gradually eliminated their competition from use in the general marketplace.

Hemp oil can be is easily made by pressing the seeds.  Since hemp can grow so tall and dense, and some strains can be developed that produce a lot of oil in the seeds, it can generate far more oil per acre than any other crop.  The oil is perfect for use in properly converted engines.

There are pictures of Henry Ford with his hemp car in many books, including Rowan Robinson’s book, THE GREAT BOOK OF HEMP.  Some videos were even made showing Henry slamming the car with a sledgehammer, with the hemp fiberglass easily bouncing back into shape.  The interior of his car was also made using a lot of hemp.  Alas, this dream was never to become an American phenomena, as we will explain in a later video blog.

With the invention of plastics and nylon, chemical companies already working closely with cotton, paper and fuel companies, joined the chorus looking to wipe hemp farmers off the map to make room for other resources.  While hemp could provide farmers with fuel for vehicles and electricity, excellent food for animals and humans and fiber for building materials and cloth, it was not as profitable for these companies as other alternatives which did not pay for farmers and their land.

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