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  • CSU Raid of VCBC and How You Can Help

  • The (Seriously Racist) Mystery Of Canadian Cannabis Prohibition

    Cannabis Digest is happy to bring you weekly episodes of the Cannaisseur with Caelan Walton, but you don’t have to wait, visit the youtube page and subscribe for more videos. In the seventh episode of The Cannaisseur we’re going to delve into the racist roots of cannabis prohibition in North America and find out why Canada […]

  • Bill C-45, Teens, and the Demons of Prohibition

    A 1972 report on cannabis first commissioned, and then rejected, by drug war hawk, Richard Nixon, was titled Marijuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding. That sounds about right for Justin Trudeau’s Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, which might better be called, Cannabis: A Signal of Willful Ignorance. Why ignorance? To begin, its use of oppressive penalties is […]

  • Retrospective: Top 10+ Articles Proving Reefer Madness was alive and well in 2015

    Jerry Golick For many Canadians and Americans, 2015 seemed to be a real banner year for cannabis legalization. Dispensaries were blooming, LPs were producing, and a new majority government in Ottawa promised to legalize the recreational use of cannabis during its mandate. In the USA, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington were all set to follow Colorado’s […]

  • Maritimers United Against Prohibition

    By Debbie Stultz-Giffin In March of this year, as reported in the Spring Issue of Cannabis Digest, Halifax City Police and the Integrated Street Crime Unit charged medical cannabis patient Bob Dillman and his wife, both from Dartmouth, with possession and production of cannabis. Dillman had fallen into a legal quagmire created by the Allard […]

  • Herb of Life – Chapter 2

    By Owen Smith Based in a mythical pre-historic Costa Rica, two young men discover the miraculous healing properties of a special herb and begin a quest to bring it’s material and health benefits to the people of their kingdom. Loosely based on the constitutional challenge to legalize extracts for medical patients in Canada, Owen has written […]

  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Part 3: An Uncritical Media

    (PART 3 OF 3) This paper is an expanded version of one presented on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) on Feb 4 2015 at the University of Victoria. (Read Part 1: Racism and Part 2: Illegitimate Laws) An Uncritical Media A major obstacle to reforming our cannabis laws are vested bureaucratic interests, mostly […]

  • Prohibition in Canada – Hempology 101 Textbook

    by Ted Smith As new uses of hemp became discovered in the early 1900’s, the number of competitors also grew.  These industries colluded with influential political figures to gradually eliminate cannabis from the marketplace by any means possible.  In Canada, no one was more driven to create laws punishing so-called drug users than Emily Murphy. […]

  • Review: Cannabis and the Soma Solution

    By Ted Smith For anyone who believes pot smoking started in the 1960s, I have the book for you. Unraveling the secrets of cannabis that time has hidden, Chris Bennett, in his new book Cannabis and the Soma Solution, has established that the herb was the primary plant medicine used for spiritual purposes in ancient […]

  • Timeline – Marijuana Prohibition in the UK

    A Timeline of Marijuana Prohibition in the UK [i]   The Years 1928-1945   In 1928, the UK’s Dangerous Drugs Act comes into force, making marijuana illegal in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  This date places the UK at the midpoint of the dark era.  Dates of prohibition for other areas in the English-Speaking […]