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An Informed Personal Cannabis Lube Review

(important note of caution: Coconut oil is known to break down condoms and the surface of adult toys that can lead to bacterial infections) 

Shal Friesen

An educated review of Miss Envy Canna Sutra by an island gal

When it comes to personal and intimate lubricants, you want to ensure that what you are putting on/in your body is healthy for you. A lot of us have skin allergies and sensitivities, and let’s be real, the more intimate an area is, the more likely it is to be sensitive.

As someone who is personally allergic to a lot of synthetic products, perfumes/fragrances, and anything latex, I am particularly careful what I use. My personal health can be affected, and even just being uncomfortable in those places is just not worth it. Lube should feel natural, and work with your body’s PH balance. That’s why Canna Sutra works.

THC is directly received by your body’s CB1 receptors, which are expressed largely in the brain (central nervous system), lungs, liver, kidneys, and genitals. When Cannabis is applied to the skin topically, it works to harmonize the cells and conditions there; cannabinoids lock onto the anandamide receptor sites, (that’s our body’s natural cannabinoid receptors, part of our endocannabinoid system) and react accordingly to what the environment needs.

What does that mean for Miss Envy Personal Lubricant? To experience it for yourself is far beyond what my words can illustrate, but allow me to try.

Everything feels natural. Like, really natural, there is no sensation that doesn’t happen in a woman’s body when organically, primally aroused. There is no fake ‘tingling’ leaving you to wonder if it’s burning you; nothing synthetic or manufactured. When applying Canna Sutra, the lubrication itself feels like your body’s own – although there is a colour to it, so not recommended for white sheets! Then the absorption of THC becomes more apparent, and you can feel your capillaries begin to swell, just gently, just as if you are naturally very aroused. And for those of us who have a hard time ‘letting go,’ this does make that so much easier. It helps facilitate the body’s natural process so you can get out of your head and let it happen.

Every sensation is heightened, every touch, vibration, even your own body heat is more apparent than with non-medicated lubricants. I have yet to try other brands of cannabis personal lubricants, but I’m honestly so thrilled with this product I just might not! Achieving full satisfaction has never been easy for me, in fact it’s generally more of a chore, if not completely a lost cause. But my success rate since finding this product is astounding, and I emphatically recommend it to all women. I do have to disclose, however, that I have yet to use this product with another human being, and while it is my go-to for guaranteed satisfaction, it has been a solo mission. I have no problem sharing that since I have been using the Canna Sutra. I’ve never been more pleased with myself!

What, in speculation, could it do for you and a partner? Well guess what? Men also have endocannabinoid receptors so although the sensation will be different, there will still be a pleasant effect as the cannabinoids are absorbed, as well as the benefits of increased natural lubrication. As well, it can help facilitate a more ‘effortless and painless’ insertion as anandamide-cannabinoid receptors are created and formed in areas of inflammation. When applied to these areas, once the receptor site is activated, cannabis has a regulating effect. Therefore, pain is not “taken away’ or even ‘numbed’ but the sense is adjusted to be perceived as something else. The same principle applies when cannabis is used for arthritis pain and sore muscles.

In addition to its organic coconut oil base, Canna Sutra has other natural essential oils. I could tell you about their specific properties; they take this product over the top. But we know it’s all good stuff so instead I will leave you with one last thought about sexual health when using a personal lubricant. Cannabis assists the body in healing; it is anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and even some viruses. Topical solutions are utilized by many to recover from eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, pruritus, scrapes, rashes and burns. These solutions help to regulate the body’s immune response systems. So this is more than your drugstore lubricant. It’s an all in one happy vaginal health tonic! Now if I could only cross borders with it!

Along with personal experience and peer reviews some information obtained from Web Sources: Wikipedia, www.projectcbd and

(Editors Note of Caution: Coconut oil is known to break down condoms and the surface of adult toys that can lead to bacterial infections)

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