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Last Chance To Complete Task Force Surveys

Last month the federal government task force on legalization released 5 surveys and asked Canadians to share their opinion by August 28.  That is right, Sunday is the last day to fill out the surveys.  So if you are getting ready to party with Sublime this weekend or do some other wild and crazy thing, but have not filled out any of the surveys yet, this is your last chance to let the Liberals know how backwards their legalization scheme is looking so far.

To make it easy I have written full 1,500 word responses to each survey, which is the maximum allowed.  You can simply cut and paste my answers into the government surveys.  It should not take more than 10 minutes and you can live with yourself knowing you have at least tried to lead them in a good direction.  Feel free to use part or all of what I wrote, but be careful not to send more than 1,500 words or they are likely to dismiss the entire thing.  

Here are my five answers, with the task force surveys linked below each one to make it as easy as possible.  Please help us by sharing this blog around so as many people as possible get this done by Sunday night.

Survey #1


Survey #2


Survey #3


Survey #4


Survey #5


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