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  • Minister Ambrose on Medical Cannabis – Now in plain english

    A Take on Nurse Rona, Canada’s (Gulp) Health Minister   If you are not a Canadian, let me introduce you to Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Minister of Health and Nurse Ratched for the Harper Government, Canada’s ruling so-called Conservatives.  On April 25 she was speaking with CBC host Stephen Quinn, responding to the Vancouver City Council’s […]

  • Free Radicals Fight Dictator

    (White House photo by Pete Souza) My Friends and Fellow Activists: As you know, this past week has been a tragic one for our country. The hit-and-run in Montreal and the shooting in Ottawa have left our Nation shaken and alarmed. In this article released by CBC News[1] and this video of public safety minister […]

  • From The Archives: Letter to Police Chief Sets Tone for VCBC

    By Ted Smith Founder, Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society March 19, 1997 Dear Doug Richardson Your quick response to my letter is much appreciated and I apologize for replying so slowly, but such things require the utmost patience and careful attention. I welcome the opportunity to further explain my activities as president of Victoria’s Hempology 101 […]

  • Cannabis Constituents : Infographic

      Download Link i.imgur.com/Tf4Gb4s.jpg  

  • Trial by Fire

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy By Ryan Fink The past decade has seen much progress in what is fast becoming a revolution surrounding government drug policy and social attitudes toward drug culture in Canada. The endurance and proliferation across the country of illegal medicinal cannabis providers over the past decade, […]

  • Eating Cannabis as Medicine

    Eating Cannabis as Medicine By Owen Smith In the last article I explored some of the many cannabis products emerging from the inventive and inspired medical cannabis community. The collective ingenuity of cannabis focused organizations continues to improve this vital health service for terminally ill patients. Clubs like the CBC of C in Victoria represent […]

  • Melanoma and Cannabis

    A sister’s fight with skin cancer, and a cure the government won’t acknowledge By Owen Smith In previous articles I’ve focused on the edible and topical products at the CBC of C—how they’re made, tested & developed in the context of an unlicensed Canadian cannabis dispensary—but in this article I’m going to step back from […]

  • Veterans for Cannabis

    Getting veterans involved in the liberation of cannabis By Dave Nelson To the military side of our family, there is a Veteran Affairs Canada new Charter of Rights. What does this mean for you? If you have completed basic training and have been honourably released, there may be some assistance for you. At the same […]


    Andrew Brown Editor Welcome to the freshly revamped Cannabis Digest! I am pleased to be able to help out Ted, the awesome staff and members of the CBC of C, and all the current and future readers. I have spent many hours working on this paper —toiling between all of my other commitments and responsibilities […]