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  • Interview with House of The Great Gardener

    By Owen Smith When I was arrested and charged in 2009 for “trafficking THC” by making cannabis products for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (V-CBC), I had a choice to make. Either I could choose the short road and strike some kind of plea bargain with the crown prosecution to have my charges reduced or […]

  • 19 Years of Compassion and Change

    by Ted Smith With little fanfare, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club just entered its 19th year of distributing cannabis products to patients this past weekend. Despite the lack of fireworks, there is a lot to celebrate. In just a short time, on March 20, the club will be the talk of the country as its […]

  • Standardizing Medicinal Cannabis Extracts

    By Owen Smith In a previous blog I mentioned a number of medical cannabis products that are being developed around the world. All of these products require at least the basic extraction of the medicinal ingredients from the bulk of the cannabis plant. Although it is difficult pioneering work, medical cannabis groups have been diligently […]

  • How Can We Regulate Cannabis Extracts?

    (image: HighTimes) By Owen Smith Patients, caregivers, advocates and now licensed producers are pressuring for the regulation of cannabis extract products. Canada’s prohibition on cannabis based medicinal extracts was struck down in British Columbia in 2012 and is under increasing pressure nationally as seriously ill Canadians are in need of the cleanest most effective form […]

  • 5 Reasons Doctors Don’t Sign Pot Prescriptions

    by Owen Smith Dr. David Hepburn recently spoke at the 15th Cannabis convention at the University of Victoria. He expressed a desire to educate doctors about the use of medical cannabis as he thinks we are falling behind as a country. The registrar of the college of physicians recently wrote that “Canada could follow the […]

  • Synthetic THC Pills or Whole Plant Cannabis?

    The importance of having CBD with your THC By Owen Smith The recent discovery of cannabinoid receptors in the human body presents exciting new targets for medical research, yet only confirms what patients have been saying for decades, whole plant cannabis works for them. Seriously ill people who have run the gamut of conventional medicine […]

  • Trouble in Maritimes

    Halifax club struggles after police raid By Debbie Stultz-Giffin We are endeavouring to feature one patient per province and territory this year as we share patients’ stories with the rest of the country. We will be focusing on patients who will live in fear of the repercussions of the looming MMPR, and how the loss […]


    Looking back at past fifteen years with the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada By Ted Smith Fifteen years ago it occurred to me that society had created a medical emergency. The proposed goals of prohibition were health, peace, and prosperity. After decades of enforcement and lies, the war on drugs has dramatically hurt our ability […]


    Andrew Brown Editor Welcome to the freshly revamped Cannabis Digest! I am pleased to be able to help out Ted, the awesome staff and members of the CBC of C, and all the current and future readers. I have spent many hours working on this paper —toiling between all of my other commitments and responsibilities […]