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You’re invited to the Sensible BC Conference!


by Dana Larsen – Sensible BC Director

You are invited to join with Canada’s largest legalization team on the first weekend of October, to “Learn how to Legalize” at the Sensible BC Conference in Vancouver.

This is going to be a very special weekend for anyone who cares about cannabis!

  • First, you’ll get a chance to meet and learn from legalization leaders like Marc Emery (Cannabis Culture), Mason Tvert (SAFER Colorado) and Tonia Winchester (New Approach Washington).
  • Second, you’ll get a chance to participate in a variety of political training and cannabis education workshops, focusing on everything from how to run a medical dispensary to how to be local legalization leader.
  • Third, there’s going to be two fun parties for us all to get together, enjoy some quality cannabis and good food together, and plan the future path of our movement.

We are on the cusp of legalization in Canada, and this conference is preparing us all for the final push, as we move to end marijuana prohibition together.

Tickets are only $80, or $50 if you’re a student or underemployed. Free passes are also available if you’re willing to volunteer at the event.


  • Marc Emery, Canada’s Prince of Pot


  • Dana Larsen, Sensible BC Founder


  • Mason Tvert, Legalization leader from Colorado


  • Tonia Winchester, Legalization leader from Washington.



  • How to be a local legalization leader
  • How to operate a medical marijuana dispensary
  • How to be an effective volunteer
  • The hidden history of cannabis in Canada
  • Winning strategies and tactics for change
  • Free tours of the world-famous Herb Museum

And much more…


Exclusive Friday and Saturday night parties at the Cannabis Culture Lounge!


For a full list of workshops and presenters, visit the conference event page at


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