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  • Stephen Harper’s Suppository

    By Mark Lehtimaki (Image By Mark Lehtimaki) Putting the Tory back in Suppository Happy Election Canada!

  • Cannabis and the Federal Leadership Debates

    By Judith Stamps Last Thursday, August 6, 2015, the leaders of Canada’s four major political parties participated in a debate hosted by MacLean’s Magazine.  Canada has just entered its 42nd federal election campaign; the election is set for Monday, October 19.  It’s an important election for the cannabis community; patients hope for a better deal […]

  • Vancouver’s Green Rush

    Unprecedented Increase in Cannabis Dispensaries Causing Growing Pains When is something illegal? It’s a simple question with multiple answers depending upon what that “something” represents in the question.  In the case of medical marijuana, that simple question has become infinitely more complex in Canada than it used to be.  It is clear that according to […]

  • Mr. Harper and the Developing Brain

     Veblen-Inspired Reflections on the Recent Federal Anti-Drug Campaign If you’re not already acquainted, allow me to introduce you to Thorstein Veblen, an early 20th century economist who provided a biting analysis of upper middle class and wealthy citizens in modern nations.  He called them the leisure class.   They’re also the governing class.  In Veblen’s view, […]

  • Attack of the Ad Man

    (Glass Brain Bong featured in anti-pot ads) By Debbie Stultz-Giffin Can you really believe Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s claim that a new anti-drug campaign targeted at teens wasn’t asking Canadian physicians to take a partisan view on cannabis this summer?  Now that the ad campaign has rolled out, it is undeniable! As you may recall […]

  • Harper the Bad Conservative

    By Dean Schwind I’m sure you have heard a ton of things said about Steven Harper. Some good, some bad depending upon which side of the fence your on. I’ve called the man all kinds of things, which I will refrain from listing here in an effort to maintain some high ground. But in my […]

  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana

    By Kirk Tousaw In Nov. 2012, the Harper Conservative government ushered in new mandatory sentencing legislation for certain Controlled Drugs and Substances Act offences. Despite criticism from outside and inside government, and clear evidence that such sentences are harmful to the criminal justice system and society, the ideologically-driven rules are now law and are binding […]

  • Free Radicals Fight Dictator

    (White House photo by Pete Souza) My Friends and Fellow Activists: As you know, this past week has been a tragic one for our country. The hit-and-run in Montreal and the shooting in Ottawa have left our Nation shaken and alarmed. In this article released by CBC News[1] and this video of public safety minister […]