• Federal Task Force Medical Survey Exposes Flawed Legalization Scheme

    Ted Smith Survey #5- Accessing Marijuana for Medical Purposes Continued access to marijuana for medical purposes: It is anticipated that there could continue to be a need to enable access to marijuana for those who require it for medical reasons, but for whom reasonable access is not possible in the legalized context. This might require […]

  • The ACMPR, and the Rift in the Cannabis Industry

    Judith Stamps The recently announced decision by Health Canada, to permit home growing of medical cannabis, is widely regarded as a step forward for patients, and a win for cannabis culture. The program is called: The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, or ACMPR. There are good aspects to this program. Under the new […]

  • Task Force Survey Shows Dispensaries Face Future Raids

    Ted Smith Survey #3-Designing an Appropriate Distribution System Phased-in approach to distribution: In the initial stages of legalizing marijuana, only allowing a proven system of distribution (e.g., through the mail, as is currently done in the medical marijuana regime) could minimize the risks of uncontrolled/illegal retail sales outlined above.  This system could enable access for […]

  • Real and Unreal Oppositions in the World of Cannabis in Canada

    Judith Stamps We must not foster the belief that there is a radical dichotomy between Health Canada Licensed Producers (LPs) and medical cannabis dispensaries. And if we are hanging on to an attitude that says: it’s-us-versus-them, we should dump it. So say representatives of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD), spokespersons for LPs, […]

  • What the Judge Said on Patients’ Rights, and What Health Canada Can Do Next

    What the Judge Said on Patients’ Rights, and What Health Canada Can Do Next Judith Stamps Canadians who are ill, and who believe they are obtaining relief from cannabis, have a constitutionally protected right to grow their own medicine. So said Justice Michael Phelan of the BC Federal Court on February 24 2016. At least […]

  • Beware Sharks, Snakes and Pot-Bellied Pigs

    Ted Smith For cannabis enthusiasts the current era is full of excitement and uncertainty.  As the veil of prohibition is lifted around the world, new opportunities to work in the industry as an employee or entrepreneur offer an exciting future for many.  However, with all of this glorious wealth to be made come a few […]

  • Reflecting on Life in the CannaBiz – Part 3: A “legitimate” CannaBiz

    (Read Part 1 and Part 2 of Reflecting on the Cannabiz Life) By Ross Middleton By 2000, I had started to develop a neuropathic condition due to a lung operation earlier in life that left me with nerve damage in my torso that caused chronic pain. I treated myself (I miss that magazine by the […]

  • What is Rick Simpson Oil or RSO?

    As originally seen on liftcannabis.ca By Owen Smith For years, Rick Simpson and phoenixtears.ca have spread the message through the internet that cannabis can be used to treat cancer, to anybody willing to take the necessary risks. Although Rick’s work has been a recent public revelation, the technique he uses to make his oil have […]

  • Personal Gardens are the Foundation

    Allowing Home Gardens Must Be Foundational To Any Future Cannabis Regulation Policy By Judith Stamps The title you’ve just read is the conclusion to today’s blog.  To arrive at it, I followed this series of thoughts.   1. PROPERTY:   In the early modern era—17th and early 18th centuries—political theorists asked themselves this question: If […]

  • High Court Heroics

    By Ted Smith (editors note: Health Canada has since made a response to the Smith ruling, read about it HERE) Cries of relief and outrage could be heard across Canada early in the morning, last June 11.  Tears of joy streamed down many faces as news spread about another blow to cannabis prohibition, though not […]

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