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  • Vancouver Cannabis Conference July 19th

    By Owen Smith On Sunday, July 19th, Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre will host the 2015 Vancouver Cannabis Conference.  With the city recently voting to regulate dispensaries and the Federal government maintaining their opposition: this year’s Federal election looms. Panels of experts have been formed to discuss the Medicinal Use of Cannabis; The Historical, Sacred, […]

  • “There is No Research:” Drug Abuse Perspectives and Cannabis Information for Policy Makers

    Cannabis Economics

      There is loud minority out there that says: we cannot legalize cannabis because there is no research, and thus no basis for going forward.  Its members include the Harper government, Health Canada, the RCMP, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, select American republicans, the DEA, the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), and a […]


    How the NDP missed its chance to come out strong on marijuana, and why it’s not too late to make it right By Dana Larsen For four decades, the NDP was the standard-bearer for sensible marijuana laws.  From the time of the LeDain Commission report of 1971, it was the most progressive voice in Parliament […]

  • UK Drug Policy Slow to Shift

    High Cannabis Digesters!! First off, one of the good pieces of news to digest is the release of Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, after almost 5 years incarcerated in a land he was not allowed to visit on his own. It is great to see him and his wife Jodie reunited. They are now […]

  • After Prohibition We Will Still Need Cannabis Activists:  Lessons From Colorado

    We once had alcohol prohibition in North America.  The arguments that promoted it are depressingly similar to those that maintain cannabis prohibition today.   Both revolve around the notion that mind-altering plants harm children and families.  But there, as they say, the similarity ends.  Alcohol prohibition, for all its faults, was attended by widespread public dialogue.  Moreover, it didn’t last long.  Within half a generation, it was over and […]

  • The Great Trudeau Debate : For

    You can take it to the bank. By Cam Birge Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party can be trusted to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana in Canada should they form a majority government following the federal election expected to be held in October of 2015. History teaches us not to take a politician at […]

  • The Great Trudeau Debate : Against

    The Hollow Chocolate Easter Bunny That Is Justin Trudeau By Russel Barth The media have been saying that the Justin Trudeau Liberals will legalize marijuana if they get into power. Trudeau has been saying things along those lines, I will admit, but he has promised nothing, and it is not yet an official party policy. […]

  • And Now For Something Completely Historical: Updating Reefer Madness

    Many readers will be familiar with the story of America’s War on Drugs. As most of us know it, the story goes something like this. Following political upheavals in Mexico in 1910, large numbers of Mexicans immigrated to the US, especially to the Southwest. For predictable reasons, the immigrants became objects of contempt. They spoke […]

  • The breakfast of Champions – Georgia Toons

    The other morning I was making something to eat, having issues with appetite I eat what I crave. When I became ill I was about 210lbs. Pretty chunky for my 5’6” stature, I will admit.  Then something in my brain ‘clicked’ and I lost 60 lbs in a few short months. Thrilled to finally be […]