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  • Beware Sharks, Snakes and Pot-Bellied Pigs

    Ted Smith For cannabis enthusiasts the current era is full of excitement and uncertainty.  As the veil of prohibition is lifted around the world, new opportunities to work in the industry as an employee or entrepreneur offer an exciting future for many.  However, with all of this glorious wealth to be made come a few […]

  • Access to Extracts

    Science, Reason and a chance for Compassion   by Owen Smith Designated Growers in BC can legally make Extracts On May 31st 2013 Judge Johnston extended his decision from my Voir Dire (trial within a trial) in 2012, granting Designated Growers (DG’s) in British Columbia the right to make cannabis derivative products like hash, oils […]

  • Trouble in Maritimes

    Halifax club struggles after police raid By Debbie Stultz-Giffin We are endeavouring to feature one patient per province and territory this year as we share patients’ stories with the rest of the country. We will be focusing on patients who will live in fear of the repercussions of the looming MMPR, and how the loss […]

  • Maritime Crackdown

    Halifax club strives to recover from Integrated Drug Unit bust   By Jess James In 1998, a small group of friends started a buyers’ group in order to make their cannabis consumption affordable. Black market prices had shot to a whopping ten bucks a gram on the streets. Heavy hitters who were plagued with poverty […]

  • Docs, Stocks and Two Legal States

    Doc’s, Stocks and Two Legal States Medical Cannabis Industry Changing Rapidly By Owen Smith   After the good news just before Christmas that the charges against me, relating to the V-CBC bakery incident in 2009, were dropped, and after successfully completing the trial in less than ten minutes and being acquitted, I am glad to […]

  • Trial by Fire

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy By Ryan Fink The past decade has seen much progress in what is fast becoming a revolution surrounding government drug policy and social attitudes toward drug culture in Canada. The endurance and proliferation across the country of illegal medicinal cannabis providers over the past decade, […]

  • DEA Gets Hard on Compassion Clubs

    By M. Allister Greene A license gives peace of mind that you are doing everything right and by the books in the eye of the law, but as state and federal governments fight over the jurisdiction of state’s power over the legality of medical cannabis, licenses have become a placebo when what’s needed is a […]

  • RCMP Raid Four BC Clubs

    The weather wasn’t the only thing out of sync in British Colombia this summer. Along with the uncharacteristically cool temperatures, relations between compassion clubs/dispensaries and the RCMP took a chilly turn, and patients were left out in the cold. In just over a month, RCMP raided four cannabis club/dispensaries. The first was raided a mere […]

  • Raids Against Compassion

    By Ted Smith A series of raids against medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada, has changed the direction the movement seemed to be going. While new clubs are still opening, as you can read in Kyla’s article, police have issued warrants against seven medical cannabis dispensaries in Ontario and Quebec, since Mar. 31. Just before that, […]