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  • The Benefits of Activism

    May you grow up to be righteous, May you grow up to be true, May you always know the truth, And see the lights surrounding you, May you always be courageous, Stand upright and be strong, May you stay forever young. ~Bob Dylan (image: 420times) Recently, during a cross country air plane trip I had […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #42

    By Gayle Quin High there folks.  I hope you have had a great summer.  It has been a blur for me.  Can you believe it?  We are at issue #42!  Bigger and better than ever.  So my sincere thanks to everyone who has written, advertised, drawn and helped distribute our little paper.  But the biggest […]

  • 8 things for Marijuana Activists to do after Legalization

    (image: Cannabis Culture) As we stand on the cusp of legalization in Canada thousands of marijuana activists across the country have spent decades and dedicated countless hours of their lives in the fight against prohibition. Congratulations Mr. and Ms. Marijuana activist! You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done! All that hard […]

  • The Myth Of The Marijuana Millionaire

    Having spent the better part of 10 years behind the counter at two of the largest hydroponic supply stores on Vancouver Island, I’ve been involved in the design and set up of hundreds of grow ops. From bedroom closets and dingy basements to high tech warehouse operations, I’ve seen it all, and rode the wave […]

  • Cookie Trial Chips Away at MMAR

    By Ted Smith A huge sigh of relief swept through the courtroom when Justice Johnson quickly announced the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations were unconstitutional on the morning of Fri. Apr. 13, 2012, in the case of Owen Smith, former head baker for the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada. It was not a surprise. Shock struck […]

  • Dispensaries Deserve Exemptions

    By Ted Smith Over 100 years ago, pioneers ventured west and north on this continent in search of a precious metal. Risking everything for the lure of fortune, men would head to the hills in the hope of striking it rich. Now, few people make their living searching for gold unless they work for a […]