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Trudeau on the International Stage: Implications for Cannabis Activists

This past weekend, Victoria BC played host to a matched set of visitors: British Royals, Prince William and his partner, Kate Middleton; and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accompanied by partner, Sophie Gregoire. The intense ceremony that surrounded this event reminds us that, for citizens of a classless society, at least in principle, we Canadians […]

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What Are Needs? And Who Gets to Define Them? Reflections on Cannabis Law

Judith Stamps Biologically, a need is something required by a living organism, something that enables it to live a healthy life, and the deficiency of which would bring adversity. Psychologically, it is something that drives organisms to acquire the things needed. In the late 1960s, American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, identified what he called a hierarchy […]

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Surveys Show Liberals Ready To Corporatize Cannabis

Ted Smith Survey #4- Enforcing Public Safety and Protection Strengthened laws and appropriate enforcement response: Establishing a successful legalization regime will require the strengthening of laws that will minimize or eliminate criminal involvement. It could also require the strengthening of laws to punish those who choose to operate outside of its parameters, including those who […]

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Cannabis Task Force Survey Shows Home Cultivation Ruled Out Before Debate Starts

Survey #2 Establishing a Safe and Responsible Production System GOVERNMENT LINK Production Model: Experience with both home cultivation and government-controlled production in the context of relatively small numbers of medical users suggests neither approach would be in the public interest in the context of the larger numbers of users expected in a legalized market. Therefore, […]