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  • A Critique of the Utillian 720 Vapourizer

    Judith’s Review Post: A Critique of the Utillian 720 Vapourizer Vape Verb: to inhale vapour through the mouth from a usually battery operated electronic device that heats up and vapourizers liquid or solid material. Noun: i) the electronic device itself, as in: I use a vape. ii) An instance of inhaling, as in: I took […]

  • Vaporizer Basics

    (article previously appeared at Canlio.com) Why use a vaporizer? Part of the new wave of 21st century cannabis use is the proliferation of vaporizers. A vaporizer is a device used to heat plant material without combustion to extract its volatile oils. Initially vaporizers were used for aromatherapy, but they have since been redefined for use […]

  • Preparing a Cannabis Glycerin Extract to Eat or Vape

    Owen Smith The process of creating a consistent cannabis edible, topical or inhalable product is a unique challenge facing modern product producers. Fortunately advancements in modern technology give us the capacity to meet this challenge like no other period in history. Where cannabis is prohibited, producers are less likely to invest in equipment that can be seized […]

  • Emergency Vaping on Public Transit

    Russell Barth Aside from having PTSD and fibromyalgia myself, I am also the 24/7 caregiver for my wife, Christine Lowe, who suffers with epilepsy, PTSD, and the pain that comes from living with epilepsy for 46 years. In the summer of 2014, we received a gift: a vaping pen for vaporizing concentrated marijuana oil often referred […]

  • Portable Vaporizers

    By Owen Smith The selection of vaporizers available to the general public has multiplied rapidly over the past decade. ‘Electronic cigarettes’ have become so popular that the Oxford English dictionary proclaimed ‘Vape’ as 2014 word of the year.  As an alternative way of acquiring the active compounds from a plant, vaping provides a less harmful […]

  • Cannabis Digest Video Review: Sep 27–Oct 3 2014

    the Saga of Medical Marijuana in Washington State; Cannabis Faiths; Vaporizer Wisdom and more from the Cannabis Digest this week Owen Smith brings you the Cannabis Digest News from September 27th to October 3rd, 2014   Notes & Links   September 27th By Calli Walton To some, religion can be a tender subject. And why […]

  • How to Make the Most of a Vaporizer

    In my previous blog I outlined some of the key reasons why medical cannabis patients may choose to use a vaporizer to compliment their edible cannabis regime. In this article I will give an overview of the Volcano Medic vaporizer and offer an important tip that vaporizer users should know. The Volcano Medic vaporizer, the […]

  • The Benefits of Eating and Vaporizing Cannabis

    By Owen Smith When doctors talk about cannabis, many agree that although it’s a relatively harmless complex of chemicals, smoking it is an obvious problem. Medical cannabis patients know that the benefits of smoking are an instant relief of their symptoms, and the ability to regulate/titrate doses until their symptoms are relieved. Many patients know […]

  • Augmented Cannabis Oil

    By David Allen M.D. The new vapor pens are all the craze now and can be seen everywhere.  Originally designed for vaporizing tobacco and nicotine products these pens are great for vaporizing cannabis oils. These pens vaporize the cannabis oils and leave an almost undetectable odor and can be used in public without little or […]

  • Pot Cafe Gives Winnipeg Hope

    By Bill VanderGraaf “It is a plant for the people, medicine and food, why not legal ” says John Tran, as he, Leah Kent, and her husband Eddy, try to convince me to work with them on a Medical Marijuana Lounge in Winnipeg. Most importantly they had located a rental premise in Winnipeg that was […]