Updates, Warnings, And Suggestions

By Gayle Quin

Spring was wonderful! With the long lasting winter, the blossoms were anxious to show their splendour. And with a seed bank open in town this year, there are many new happy, hopeful gardeners. Let’s hope for a great growing season!

Court is moving along as court does—slowly but surely. The preliminary court was cancelled, and Owen’s charge of trafficking has been reduced to possession as the result of there being no police officer willing to testify that possession of two half grams is proof of trafficking. Instead, there was a meeting to set dates. The next court date is Jan. 15, 2012, which is to meet the judge presiding over the case, and set more dates. Take good care of your health, and tell all your friends so we can have the courtroom packed full. Nothing could be more important for the future of our club! There will be a 20 day jury trial set, and we will be giving away 42 hemp burgers for lunch every day we are in session. Here’s to Ted, fighting for cannabis in the courtroom and giving away hemp food on the back lawn! You rock, Ted!

If you didn’t get a chance to have a hemp patty in June, you will get a second chance to try the delicious creation in January. Thank goodness we get to BBQ them!

I am very pleased to announce we have cross-referenced our product guide to the old issues of the Cannabis Digest. This will allow you to go online to find more information on the products I have discussed in my articles. Please keep in mind that this information is not complete, and there are more uses for the products and their ingredients than we have mentioned. I greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience throughout the renovations, and we hope that you are enjoying the new vapour lounge. Team 420 is busting to move this year. Thanks to a wonderful break in the weather, we actually had a fantastic day for Herb’s run in the Times Columnist 10 km race. He did an amazing one hour and six minute run, complete with a half way bong hitting station. We would like to thank everyone who helped. There are clips on our YouTube page <> We were, and still are, having excellent turnouts for the weekly Thursday dodgeball sessions, so we entered the Vancouver Island Dodgeball Tournament. We got smoked, but had a heck of a lot of fun all day. It’s good, free fun and will happen again next June if you missed it. We are still having weekly games so ask around for the location. On Sept. 24, we will be playing frisbee golf in East Sooke Park. It is a wonderful day to get out for a picnic and have fun. Keep an eye on the whiteboard or webpage for other upcoming events. Reach for the Pot had an excellent turnout despite the hockey games. You just can’t beat it for live entertainment. The air is tense and filled with smoke. You really have to see it to believe it. It’s my favourite time of the year (except for Cannabis Caroling, of course).

Deliveries up-Island are only going to be once a month. It has been so slow that we are going to venture forth the first week of every month. We have met many wonderful people and helped others start new ventures. Others are working hard to start new clubs, and we will keep you posted as to their progress.

Our 16th Anniversary is going down Sept. 7 with a march from Centennial Square, that begins at 7 p.m., to the Legislative buildings. Hope to see you all there.

UVic lecture series will also begin Sept. 14, be sure to check online to find out which room it will be held in. This is the 6th year of lectures. Yahoo! We hope to have many exciting guest speakers. UBC lecture series is being postponed due to my health.

The gas chromatograph we obtained was too old to be revived, as our funds are too desperately needed for the upcoming court case. Please don’t be dismayed as a new, more up to date machine will come our way when we are ready.

When in Rome…We have no hemp,, so have been using cannabis stalk to learn to make concrete. Ted has been having fun playing with Canncrete experiments, and each week he has a go at it is a new experiment. You can watch his progress on the YouTube channel, and thank you to all of those who have donated their stalk. .

Many of our projects have been temporally put on hold and/or cancelled due to my health. I’ve been struggling with breast cancer and have finally found help and am on the road to recovery. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their care, love, and support for myself and Ted through this difficult time. I am sorry for those who I’ve missed, it was very sudden. I look forward to writing a special article, and being able to help more people through similar experiences, as I learn more about it. I hope everybody has a wonderful summer. Hemp, Hemp, Horary!


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