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  • Cookie Power: How Baking Cookies Has Changed The Law

    By Ted Smith Last week the BC Court of Appeal struck down the federal regulations restricting patients to using dried marijuana in a case regarding Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club ex-baker Owen Smith.  Patients now have the legal right to possess and make cannabis derivatives in Canada, providing access to life-saving medicines while opening up huge […]

  • Extracts on Trial: Health Canada Vs. Science

    For four weeks in February of 2012 I witnessed the demystification of Health Canada’s arguments against cannabis extracts in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The main showdown in this constitutional battle was between two scientific wizards, where the struggle for truth finally loosened this healing plant from governments’ steely grip. Two years earlier I […]

  • Possession Charges Rise; Trafficking Plummets

    By Ted Smith In a recent report, Statistics Canada has revealed numbers that show law enforcement is failing to catch cannabis suppliers, while they continue to focus on the easy prey, pot smokers.  Last year police arrested 1% more citizens for possessing cannabis than they did in 2012.  However, in the same time period there […]

  • CD Archives: Huge Victory for Cannabis Dispensaries

    by Ted Smith From the Cannabis Digest archives: Fall 2004 Relief swept through the room when the judicial stay was quickly read in court record this fall, validating the bold persistence of the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada over the past 8 years. On Tuesday Sept. 7, 2004, Madame Justice Chaperon agreed with defence lawyer […]

  • Crime Bill Coming Soon

    By Amie Gravell The Safe Streets and Communities Act, what we know as bill C-10 (also bill S-10 and C-15 in other incarnations), had both previous versions of the bill died in the house due to prorogation of the Government of Canada for the Prime Minister’s benefit, or due to the call for an election. […]

  • EDITORIAL: The Blanket Bill Over Our Eyes

    Andrew Brown Editor It seems as though we are about to embark on a surreal journey—a journey that begins with a package wrapped in fairy tale promises and tied with a ribbon of puritan ideals. But inside this package is a socially destructive black hole, or vortex, with a price tag so high that it […]

  • Updates, Warnings, And Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin Spring was wonderful! With the long lasting winter, the blossoms were anxious to show their splendour. And with a seed bank open in town this year, there are many new happy, hopeful gardeners. Let’s hope for a great growing season! Court is moving along as court does—slowly but surely. The preliminary court […]

  • North Island Compassion Club-Raided!

    By Barbara Biley The RCMP raided the North Island Compassion Club in Courtenay on Feb. 18. Five people were held for several hours while the Club was searched. Two people, Ernie Yacub and Bill Myers, have been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. The raid was conducted exactly eleven days after a local […]

  • Raids Against Compassion

    By Ted Smith A series of raids against medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada, has changed the direction the movement seemed to be going. While new clubs are still opening, as you can read in Kyla’s article, police have issued warrants against seven medical cannabis dispensaries in Ontario and Quebec, since Mar. 31. Just before that, […]

  • Bill C-15 Flawed By Design

    By Matt Elrod No matter your opinion of the Harper government, the Conservatives seem to think poorly of Canadians – and perhaps rightfully so. The Conservatives have been pushing a cynical, populist, “tough-on-crime” agenda since gaining office, and daring the opposition to stand in their way. The record shows that the Conservatives do not sincerely […]