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  • Herb Ready To Spring Into Action

    Ted Smith There is no better way to prove that cannabis does not make you lazy then to get up early in the morning to run 10 kilometers in a 12 foot tall pot leaf costume.  Doing it at a large half-marathon, with a bong hit station halfway, is the best way to get the […]

  • 15 Years Since Brief Existence of “Ted’s Books”

    Ted Smith This month marks 15 years since the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club secured a storefront to provide cannabis products to patients.  Since we were operating a clearly illegal enterprise, the landlord was nervous about having a store that sold cannabis openly and requested we create another business to act as a front for the […]

  • Hemp Growing around the World

    By Ted Smith This is the last video explaining chapter 2, Hemp in the Field, of the cannabis activist textbook HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA.  While hemp could grow in virtually every country in the world, unfortunately prohibition has stopped many farmers from planting the crop in many places.  Thankfully, though, […]

  • How I Made My Own Hemp Paper

    By Kristen Mann The International Hempology 101 Society has provided me the opportunity to continue my post secondary education by sponsoring one course a semester for the last two years. This has not only encouraged me to continue working towards my goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree and enhanced my work with the Cannabis Buyers’ […]

  • Lyster Dewey

    by Ted Smith One of the most important figures in American hemp history is Lyster Dewey. His efforts to revitalize hemp brought a new wave of interest in the plant at the turn of the 20th century. Farmers and industrialists alike were drawn to his vision. As the person in charge of the USA Department […]

  • The 12 Days of Christmas

      (image: massroots) by Ted Smith     On the first day of Christmas My true love gave to me, A doobie in a pot tree. …     On the 12th day of Christmas My true love gave to me, 12 pounds of bud 11 rolling papers 10 female clones 9 Bic lighters 8 […]

  • Early 20th Century Hemp Paper

    By Ted Smith In 1916, the USA Department of Agriculture published Bulletin #404, announcing to the world an important new discovery in hemp processing.  This discovery should have lead to a huge wave of interest in hemp, but ironically it was the trigger that lead to Reefer Madness as I will discuss in a later […]

  • Supreme Court Extract Case Set for March

    By Ted Smith On March 20, 2015, patients and activists from across the country will descend upon the Supreme Court of Canada to witness the first medical cannabis case ever heard by the high court.  Owen Smith, former head baker of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, will be in the front row to watch his […]

  • Hemp and the Founding of America

    Hemp was very important financially and physically to the settlers of America.  The fibre was used for rope, canvas and paper, making it highly sought after by old European countries seeking global domination by sea and those on the new frontier.  While cotton is often thought to be responsible for the rich fortunes of early […]

  • Hemp in the Early United States

    By Ted Smith There is little doubt the most important crop in the founding of America was hemp.  Used for canvas and rope on the British sailing ships, importing hemp fibre was critical to the ambitious monarchs of the UK.  Growing hemp to support the British navy was so valuable that from 1631 to the […]