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It’s hard to explain to an outsider what is happening in the United States regarding cannabis laws. I don’t understand how a country called the UNITED states of America can be so ‘UN-united’. Imagine being a mother in the united states when  your child is suffering, dying from illness you know Cannabis can help – and only a drive away, a state away, the medicine, possibly even the CURE, is readily available. If you live in a state not yet legal, you are out of luck.

It must be frustrating on an entirely new level, I am grateful I cannot comprehend it. When I hear other advocates discussing with parents of ill children “Move to Colorado!” – it grates my nerves.  You have no idea the stress parents are already under, illness, hospital bills, family stress,  job security, bills – it’s endless.

Then to have to pick it all up and move away from your support groups adds new stresses on top of it regarding a new living situation, schooling, leaving your family & friends – JUST so your child can access Cannabis. A right that should be provided to every child in need.

I don’t understand.  Do not get me wrong – if my child was sick – my bags would be packed!    …Why should they? We are fighting for the same rights across Canada, from Coast to Coast we continue to fight for our rights to grow our own medicine, use it in edibles and even legalize cannabis outright.

I can imagine many Americans understand even less, especially the ones that are suffering, are incarcerated, who have lost their family and job for simple possession charges in a state next to one that is legal.

Recently, a young man was arrested in Texas and possibly sentenced from 5 years to life ‘FOR Brownies.’  A substance never proven to kill anyone – could you imagine – IF the pharmaceutical companies were held accountable and charged with each death?

Jail for BROWNIES!? When cousin Jim is baking and selling  legal brownies only a couple of states over?

What does the U stand for in the U.S.A, Eh?

Before you tell someone to pack up their bags, understand what they are dealing with and why not help them explore other options and rights. Get media attention and community support (if time allows). IF parents must leave, have family and friends fight to bring them home by EDUCATING others on Cannabis!

I was asked ‘why touch so much on American topics?’ What topics are strictly American? What topics strictly belong to any countries?

Not Cannabis,  it is a world wide problem and I focus on ONE love.


By Georgia Toons

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