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  • Cannabis and Opioid Induced Constipation

    OIC (Opioid Induced Constipation) How Does Cannabis Help? I recently saw a TV commercial for the treatment of Opioid Induced Constipation. A drug for the effects of a drug; not a side effect…it’s just an effect. With opioids that have been declared a national emergency and epidemic in North America, I see this as the height […]

  • Dr. Allen’s 16 Hour Dark Photoperiod

    David B. Allen M.D. Cannabis plants need 12 hours of continuous darkness to produce flowers. Interrupting the dark cycle with light, even briefly, inhibits the plant’s ability to flower. This demonstrates that the enzyme system for flowering requires 12 hours of continuous darkness (or low light) to produce flowers. Plants in nature are not exposed […]

  • Horses v Carts: How The Public is Mislead on the Subject of Medical Cannabis

    Judith Stamps In 2003 Anne McLellan, Canada’s then health Minister, announced the advent of government-provided medical cannabis to be grown in Flin Flon, Manitoba.  Quoted in response, was Sgt. Glen Hayden of Edmonton, who said: “the government is putting the cart before the horse.”  In March 2015, the Pennsylvania Medical Society published a white paper […]

  • Interview with The Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis

    By Patrick Dewals Dewals: Doctor van de Velde how long does the DOMC exist? van de Velde: In 1998, the former minister decided to set up the bureau. But because of the regulatory and legislative work associated with the drafting of a new government agency, it took until 2001 before the office was actually installed […]

  • Extract Trial: BC Court of Appeal

    (image CKNW) Many of the arguments presented to the BC Court of Appeal were recently repeated in Ottawa before the Supreme Court of Canada. You can watch the footage of the SCC hearing online HERE. The Court shortly after ruled in our favor in a Unanimous 7-0 Decision, read about it HERE By Owen Smith After the morning session […]

  • Cannabis Dependence

    By Jerry Golick I received a number of responses to my Ten Reasons Canadian Physicians Will Come to Love Cannabis blog post.  One reader asked me to justify certain claims I had made. To do so properly is a rather large project, so I have decided to to break my response down into a number […]

  • Making Simple and Healthy Cannabis Edibles

    By Owen Smith When buying ingredients for the V-CBC, who i worked for as a cannabis medicine maker, I was asked to always choose whole, raw, organic, locally produced products wherever possible. The nutritional benefit of fresh ingredients adds to the medicinal effects of the product. A tasty brownie or chocolate chip cannabis cookie will […]

  • A Note From Gayle Quin

    By Gayle Quin Well wonders never cease, I know that for sure.  And wonders take you everywhere.  I know that too.  So on with the next wonder. I am writing this today to move on to another chapter in my life.  It has been a different year with my health and my main focus must […]

  • 2014: A Year To Remember

    by Ted Smith Last year was the best year for cannabis activism that I have witnessed in my almost 2 decades in the field.  Indeed, the future has never looked brighter for cannabis, both in Canada and abroad.  As we work together to make 2015 even better, lets take a minute to reflect upon the […]

  • Medical Marijuana Regulation: A Call for Standards

    A Call for Standards   By Dean Schwind It makes me feel old to start off a story with, “back in the day”. But I suppose managing to stay alive as long as I have, I’ve earned the right to start off my stories with that old guy phrase. With the recent U.S. House of […]

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