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French Drug Trial Death Caused by Blocking the Endocannabinoid System

(Biotrial laboratory building in Rennes where a clinical trial of an oral medication left one person brain-dead and five hospitalised / Getty Images)


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David Allen MD
Chief Medical Advisor.

Two pharmaceutical synthetic drugs aimed at blocking the function of the Endocannabinoid Signaling System (ECS) cause death, disease and dysfunction.

The recent clinical drug trial in France that ended in death highlights the importance of a previously unknown regulatory mechanism that controls all metabolism and physiology.

A new synthetic drug, Bia 10-2474, now joins another drug, Rimonabant, previously used in clinical trials to block portions of the ECS, both trials ending in disaster.

articles-endocannabinoid-system_text_2  Scientists are now trying to block portions of this newly found control mechanism called the ECS. The recent clinical trial of a new drug (Bia 10-2474), produced by Bial, a company in France, resulted in severe complications and death. Many news reports mistakenly attributed this disaster to a drug “derived” or extracted from cannabis but this drug was actually a man made drug. This new synthetic drug inhibits the enzymes responsible for the natural destruction or metabolic degradation of cannabinoids in our body after they are no longer needed. Blocking these enzymes prevents the body’s natural ability to remove cannabinoids and causes their levels to increase. Theoretically, this enzyme blocker should help increase Endocannabinoid levels and relieve pain. The exact cause of this clinical trial’s failure is unknown, but the trial resulted in a patient expiring of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Previously, a similar disaster occurred when scientists made a drug, Rimonabant that was created to block CB-1 receptors in hopes of making a new class of diet drugs. Rimonabant underwent clinical trials in Europe that were stopped due to severe complications (Depression, Insomnia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Suicide, Homicide and, surprisingly, an increased rate of cancer!). Blocking the CB-1 receptors is what caused an increased rate of cancer, not the drug Rimonabant!

articles-endocannabinoid-system_text_1  The ECS is a chemical control and communication system that is a master controller of all physiology and metabolic function. This complex system, engineered by our DNA, produces chemical messengers or Endocannabinoids and Protein Receptors (CB-1 and CB-2 Receptors) that function like antennae and receive signals from other cells. The ECS also consists of enzymes that are made to remove excess cannabinoids as a natural degradation process. When any link in the chain of these processes is disrupted, illness and imbalance of homeostasis occur.

The classification of cannabis as a schedule one substance, with no medical value, has the sole purpose of preventing free scientific study of this medical phenomenon. Only large corporations with profit motive and non-competitive government deals are currently allowed to study the ECS. Allowing free research of this ECS control system is essential to all humanity. End the prohibition of scientific study of Cannabis!  Remember, blocking CB-1 receptors causes cancer!

David B. Allen M.D.

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