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Hempcrete; Standardizing Cannabis Extracts and Gayle Quin – Cannabis Video Digest (007)

Hempcrete; Standardizing Cannabis Extracts; Gayle Quin and more from the Cannabis Digest this week October 26th – 31st, 2014

with Owen Smith

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Oct 26

Gayle Quin

“Sincere thanks to everyone who has written, advertised, drawn and helped distribute our little paper and to all of you devoted readers who keep us going”

Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #42 – Cannabis Digest

Oct 27

Judith Stamps

If you thought you know it all about #Marijuana #Prohibition, Judith Stamps will prove you wrong

Timeline – Marijuana Prohibition in the UK – Cannabis Digest


Oct 28

Calli Walton

Neils Bohr said “The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.”

Free Radicals Fight Dictator – Cannabis Digest


Oct 29

Ted Smith

There is no better time for the average #cannabis smoker to come out of the closet than #Halloween. This can be done in any number of ways . . .

Halloweed Antics! – Cannabis Digest


Oct 30

Owen Smith

Idrasil is a tablet containing 25 mg of #cannabis #extract, offering a “consistent, standardized, aseptically processed, bacteria free, non addictive alternative to smoking cannabis.”

Standardizing Medicinal Cannabis Extracts – Cannabis Digest


Oct 31

Diane Walsh

“I’m told by a talented and charming finish carpenter that when hemp hurds are mixed with a combination of lime products, they can produce a lightweight insulating plaster ”

Building a Future with Hempcrete – Cannabis Digest

Owen Smith
Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. Owen’s articles are closely related to his constitutional challenge to legalized cannabis edibles extracts and oils. He is the founder of Ethical Growth Consulting

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