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  • Jack Knox Interviews Ted Smith about the ‘Cannabond’ Payout

    This article was reposted from the Times Colonist, Oct. 4th, 2018. Fifteen years later, Ted Smith’s dreams are about to come true: He’s on the hook for $12,000 worth of pot. Back in 2003, the Victoria marijuana crusader devised a novel way to fund his Cannabis Buyers Club’s legal battles. He offered what he called […]

  • Edit these International Medical Marijuana Day Graphics

    Owen Smith In an attempt to make it easy for anyone to create their own International Medical Marijuana Day picnic, we are offering up these graphics and posters to all. IMMD is on a new date this year, June 11th. This celebrates the unanimous Supreme Court of Canada decision in favour of patients rights to […]

  • Cannabis in Ireland – Part 2 – The Law Today

    (This is Part 2 of a 3 Part series on Cannabis in Ireland Read Part 1 Here) Owen Smith Despite claiming independence from British rule in the 20th century, the Republic of Ireland’s approach to cannabis prohibition has remained in step with the Empire. The Misuse of Drugs Act was created in the 1970s, and […]

  • 2015: Canadian Cannabis Advocates Celebrate Historic Year

    Ted Smith The year 2015 will be remembered as the year cannabis prohibition was dealt deadly blows in Canada.  With a huge victory at the Supreme Court of Canada for cannabis extracts, municipal governments preparing to license storefront dispensaries and a new federal government intent upon legalizing the herb, the future has never looked so […]

  • Ted Smith Interviews Owen Smith and Kirk Tousaw

    Owen Smith Ted Smith and I are known largely for our work in British Columbia’s capital, Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.  However we both now live north of Victoria, amongst the temperate rainforest near unassuming Duncan. This is also the home of our constitutional lawyer and Supreme Court champion Kirk Tousaw. This […]

  • Gwen Repetski’s Struggle for Life

    By Owen Smith Since the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that consummated our six year constitutional challenge, I’m commonly asked by people how I feel. It’s easy to say that I am very happy with the outcome insofar as it has helped innumerable people that I have never met escape unnecessary suffering. For those […]

  • Extract Trial: BC Court of Appeal

    (image CKNW) Many of the arguments presented to the BC Court of Appeal were recently repeated in Ottawa before the Supreme Court of Canada. You can watch the footage of the SCC hearing online HERE. The Court shortly after ruled in our favor in a Unanimous 7-0 Decision, read about it HERE By Owen Smith After the morning session […]

  • Portable Vaporizers

    By Owen Smith The selection of vaporizers available to the general public has multiplied rapidly over the past decade. ‘Electronic cigarettes’ have become so popular that the Oxford English dictionary proclaimed ‘Vape’ as 2014 word of the year.  As an alternative way of acquiring the active compounds from a plant, vaping provides a less harmful […]

  • What is Rick Simpson Oil or RSO?

    As originally seen on liftcannabis.ca By Owen Smith For years, Rick Simpson and phoenixtears.ca have spread the message through the internet that cannabis can be used to treat cancer, to anybody willing to take the necessary risks. Although Rick’s work has been a recent public revelation, the technique he uses to make his oil have […]

  • RvSmith Fundraising Wrap-up

    By Owen Smith The long road of trials that made up the six year RvSmith constitutional challenge was about as successful as such a legal quest can be.  The Supreme Court of Canada delivered a landmark ruling that affirmed patients rights to choose a logically safer form of their medicine.  I was found not guilty and the […]

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